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Arts and culture in Colorado inspire generosity in 2017 [VIDEO]

CBCA's 2017 philanthropy award celebrates organizational support for the arts throughout Colorado.

A showcase of local leadership making strides in the arts [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA John Madden, Jr. Leadership Award finalists and winners describe the projects they've taken on to blend business and the arts and build community.

The economic impact of the arts exemplified in 2017 [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA Impact Award finalists and winners share their arts influences and endeavors.

How does Colorado stack up in the hard cider industry? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As of 2017, there are 21 cider producers in Colorado, up from just one in 2008. See the growth of this industry over the years. [Infographic]

2017 EY Next Wave Leadership Award paints the creative economy of the future [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA EY Next Wave Leadership Award finalist and winner divulge their creative inspirations.

Business acts as catalyst for creative economy – 2017 CBCA Create award [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA Create Award finalists share their creative inspirations and commitments.

When is old actually old? The mystique of age

Aging is completely relative and affected by many factors, but if you find it creeping into your consciousness, take action.

And the winner is.... CBCA awards local businesses for creative contributions

The Colorado Business Committee for the Arts announced the winners of the 2017 Business for the Arts Awards at their 30th annual luncheon March 15.

30 years strong: Colorado Business Committee for the Arts celebrates creativity

With 30 years of experience in Denver’s arts community, the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts is lighting up local businesses, individuals and organizations that bring special support to the arts.

Free money for moviemakers, but little in Colorado

A tad late to the party, Colorado passed 2011 legislation that allowed qualified Colorado filmmakers to receive 20 percent of their filmmaking expenditure in a cash refund.

Workshops not working? No time for a graduate degree?

University-level customized education solutions are a growing trend in executive education. Customized learning programs are delivered in a variety of lengths and formats to fit the needs of businesses and nonprofits.

The next big boozy trend: Hard cider industry barreling forward in Colorado

There are easier ways to bring home the bacon than opening a hard cider company in Colorado. It takes around 11 pounds of apples to produce one gallon of fermented cider.
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