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Here's why this Kia is super-impressive

In recent weeks, I have driven both the similarly priced Outback and Sportage, and I loved them both. I’d probably go with the Kia for two reasons.

An eye on the future: Autonomous mobility

As the auto industry continues to embrace autonomous, shared and electric mobility, it is fast becoming the face of innovation – and investors are taking notice.

When students prove the experts wrong

Sometimes, genius is demonstrated by those that are just too stupid to realize the folly of examining ideas and questions overlooked by the intellectuals in a particular field or endeavor.

Why high-value, low-price gyms are becoming a way of life

Coloradans are returning to the big-box gym concept and finding innumerable ways to keep fit, stay engaged and get healthy at a much more affordable price. These gyms have begun not only to proliferate, but to dominate the market.

Inside the wild and crazy world of competitive video gaming

Is your young progeny good enough to expertly dispatch and detonate a menacing, wall-scaling, motorized RIP tire-bomb with such exacting timing that she can vanquish an enemy on the Overwatch battlefield after assuming the persona of Junkrat?

You can't win with Toyota's nanny car

I don’t want my car to run roughshod over me. I don’t want my car to be the second grade teacher I detested, or the nanny who was never satisfied with your performance and behavior.

Is there a synthetic baby in your future?

At first blush, the notion of a mechanical robot giving birth to a baby sounds preposterous. But many of the technologies we use today started out as preposterous ideas at one time or another.

Sure, hemp is cannabis ― but it’s no marijuana

Yeah, it’s cannabis, but hemp is not the same as its close relative, marijuana. Less celebrated, hemp has thousands of uses – just not getting high.

Why innovation is peaking in Colorado

Idea protection is becoming an important part of this innovative cultural shift. So when do you want to protect your idea? You want to begin thinking about it immediately!

Motivation vs. intention: The difference is in the plan

You plan for your financial health, your career, your menu for the week. Why would you not have a plan to preserve or improve your looks?

How dare they call this a Corolla!

It is not a Corolla, not even close. And more importantly, calling it the Corolla iM, I believe, demeans the Corolla nameplate.

What will food of the future look like?

Will a better food supply lead to healthier, stronger, better-thinking people? This is exactly the premise that is driving many of the advances in farming today.
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