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Why innovation is peaking in Colorado

Idea protection is becoming an important part of this innovative cultural shift. So when do you want to protect your idea? You want to begin thinking about it immediately!

Motivation vs. intention: The difference is in the plan

You plan for your financial health, your career, your menu for the week. Why would you not have a plan to preserve or improve your looks?

How dare they call this a Corolla!

It is not a Corolla, not even close. And more importantly, calling it the Corolla iM, I believe, demeans the Corolla nameplate.

What will food of the future look like?

Will a better food supply lead to healthier, stronger, better-thinking people? This is exactly the premise that is driving many of the advances in farming today.

How to beat the holiday stress frenzy

Rather than loading all kinds of expectations and assumptions around how you think the holidays should look, feel and sound, how about flipping your perceptions into a place of wonder and curiosity?

Here are our top 10 Colorado business stories of 2016

Start to finish, 2016 has been a boom year for Colorado business. The diverse economy is hitting on all cylinders despite tough times for a certain burrito maker and sporting goods retailer.

Keep on truckin' with this freewheeling trio

I’m not really a pickup truck enthusiast, but I really enjoyed the three weeks I spent driving these three great pickup trucks, if for no other reason that I could experience how the other half lives – and I do mean half.

In the restaurant biz, it's not just about what you serve

Hospitality extends beyond the four walls of the restaurant. That it’s about more than the food and drinks you serve, but how you treat the people in your community.

Give the venerable Golf another look

Today’s buyer of these vehicles would recognize the earliest versions, and that’s what makes them venerable: While they keep up with the times in styling and technology, they maintain the heritage.

How a bet on the Denver Outlaws is paying off

When Eric Law scored the Outlaws’ go-ahead goal with 13 seconds left in the 2016 MLL championship game, it was a capstone moment for a homegrown star.

Here's what I see in my crystal ball

These notions are rooted in history, credible projections and widely accepted cycles. Some may be accurate and others off-base. I tried to look in the rear-view mirror and the crystal ball.

The tragedy of the commons

I recall someone once saying,“We are all environmentalists until we have to personally sacrifice.” Unfortunately, this appears to be true.
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