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Management & Leadership

Boomerangs: Should you rehire a former employee?

Sometimes called “boomerang employees,” rehired workers offer many benefits. If you’re thinking this may be a good option for your company, here are some questions to consider, along with a few tips for integrating boomerang employees back into the office.

Never, never, never, ever disparage your competition

I need not trash my competition to outperform our competition. Over time, all bad firms are pushed out of their closet into the spotlight of their community.

Opportunities are there for the taking. So do it!

Over the years, I have heard every reason imaginable as to why someone decides not to listen, read, attend or be fully present. Opportunities are lost – or gained, every day. You choose.

Leaders: What stops you from crashing?

Just like a cocky pilot who is confident (and wrong) about his spatial orientation, a leader who relies on his or her instincts without back up instrumentation or counsel is doomed to crash.

Love in the office: Three tips for successful management

Interoffice romances are common, and although many may fizzle out, some do have the potential to lead to happy, long-term relationships. In either scenario, it’s important for companies to be prepared with the right kind of policy.

How harassment is going to cost your business

We should not concentrate on the word harassment; we should ask ourselves if we are being respectful towards our fellow co-workers. If we don’t feel respected, our engagement, morale, commitment and team work goes down.

Here are the barriers to authentic leadership

Authentic leadership is a space that many leaders desire to occupy, but the following "four P's" pollute and sabotage even the best efforts to step into this highly respected position.

Pick a fight you can win

It’s well-documented that relativity greatly influences our perception of winning or of happiness. You’re happy with your compensation until you find out that the schmuck in the next office makes more than you do.

How to master your fear

Next time you feel anxious or nervous, stressed, worried or really frustrated, take a moment and step back and ask yourself, “What’s really underneath this? What fear is causing this emotion?”

Treating employees like adults can have amazing results

Leaders at Nearsoft believe that when you give people complete freedom, it makes them even more responsible, not less. It's counter-logical, but actually very intuitive.

Why creating value is critical to engagement

We don’t all create lifesaving products, but if you run an organization, you can build a demanding but nurturing environment that engages your people’s minds as well as their hands.

Onboarding: It's a vital piece of the people puzzle

The recruiting process is just the beginning. Every organization should spend at least as much time and effort on things like building a positive culture and developing a welcoming and effective onboarding program. Here are my tips.
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