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Drawing conclusions: All signs point to early spring sale

The 3,989 active listings of single-family homes and condos in metro Denver in January represented an all-time inventory low for any January on record.

The makings of a good negotiation

There are many factors to consider when entering a negotiation on a home. With such a large transaction, it is easy to potentially make costly mistakes.

Why you need to watch these four hot real estate projects

Returning the National Western Complex to its original purpose as a center of agriculture could be just the ticket to boosting economic development in the north Denver neighborhood, according to a recent study of the area.

Here are my Colorado real estate predictions for 2017

There are a number of wild cards that could drastically alter these predictions, but 2017 is going to be full of volatility (look at the wild swings in treasuries and stocks already) that will no doubt impact Colorado real estate.

Colorado real estate boomed ― then this happened

The trend of moving West has caused Colorado to boom; however it comes with unintended consequences. The challenge is to balance growth in a way that enables a great community and state for everyone.

How real estate went from drag to driver

The economy has been weak lately, but one bright spot, among others, is housing. Unlike the China property bubble, we’re getting healthy growth. We already put our housing problems behind us.

Is the house you’re buying haunted ― or worse?

Every day, unsuspecting buyers purchase properties with a spooky past. How do you protect yourself from celebrating Halloween in perpetuity?

When high-end markets plummet: What it means for you

I think most real estate pros would agree that the recent run up in prices in many areas throughout the country is concerning. Are there leading indicators of what's yet to come?

Five Fridges Farm is the face of city conservation

Imagine goats grazing, chickens clucking, turkeys gobbling as you look out your back yard past fields of fresh vegetables, while sipping your morning coffee. It's happening in Wheat Ridge.

Aspen leads the way in affordable mountain housing

While the median home price in Aspen has eclipsed $3 million, the city has a robust affordable housing program, thanks in large part to a grandfathered real estate transfer tax.

Who can afford a home in Colorado?

From the mountains to the plains, finding a place to call home in Colorado is increasingly challenging. It’s not just an issue for the state’s poorest residents. It’s tough for just about anyone trying to find a place to live that’s within their means.

Today's spaces are designed for maximum interaction

Designing buildings today is more about creating an experience for the people who use them than it is about providing a place to work or live. Giving people a place to interact with each other is a goal for many architects and developers.
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