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Management & Leadership

How artificial intelligence will revolutionize business

Recent headlines about Facebook panicking because their AI bots developed a language of their own have us hitting the alarm button once again. Must we feel unsettled with AI in our futures?

What to know about transitioning from startup to growth stage with grace

Working in a startup is not easy. It means a lot of work, being flexible and agile. With a lean team, we all strived to make the product, sale, experience and company better.

For better or worse, shareholders invest in people

Change in leadership does matter to the stock price; just be careful who you bet on, because it can go either way.

Facts don't cut it in business

Connecting dots, making assumptions, analyzing data and imagining different outcomes are all necessary skills for successful executives.

Are your LLC interests securities?

Failure to comply with securities laws may trigger, among other consequences, rescission rights, damages, civil and criminal penalties.

Identifying and empowering key organizational tools

A leader must set clear expectations about the direction an organization is moving, but also ensure that the people they are asking to move toward that vision, have what they need to do so.

Don’t settle for a peer-to-peon relationship

I’ve pointed out to people who are young in their career that they should approach life as though they’re self-employed and they must occasionally be willing to risk their current employment status to maintain self-respect.

Why you should get off job boards

Identify where your hiring manager’s audience congregates both on and offline. Then send consistent, proactive messaging to those individuals in the audience, with or without a job posting, to receive serious interview traction.

How to overcome fear, Step 6: Fearless focus

To create a fearless focus and path to accomplishing your goals – mobilize your fear and your excitement.

Is arduous competition just for dopes?

When a skewed reward system and lots of pressure are combined with lack of oversight, some percentage of otherwise pretty good people will take the wrong path.

Don't swim so hard – Fish where the fish are

If you’re looking for great ideas to grow your business by swimming in midstream, try finding the transition between the fast water (commoditized market) and the quiet pool of innovation and adjacencies.

Why your SMB needs enterprise-grade connectivity

To support the productivity of employees and the anytime-access needs of customers, you need to think about expansive connections to your business. What’s more, this needs to be accomplished without much management time, so you and your employees can focus on doing what you do best — building your business.
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