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Ready Foods: A Colorado success story

In 1972, Luis Abarca had a notion that only in retrospect seems obvious: Mexican food would become mainstream in the U.S. the same way Italian food had, and restaurants were going to need help preparing it. That was the impetus for Ready Foods, a Denver-based food processor that has expanded its p...

Celebrating the spirit of snow

Seasons come, and seasons go.  But in Colorado, there’s a special enthusiasm reserved solely for winter, which is treated like an art form in and of itself. Hence, the Art of Winter — the urban festival of art and design intended to engage community members in a comparable fashion to Denver Startu...

In search of a great exit: Part One

Steven Covey says, “Start with the end in mind.”  At the recent Colorado Capital Conference, Peter Adams, Executive Director, Rockies Venture Club (RVC) said, “For entrepreneurial ventures, that end is typically an exit.” For more than 27 years, RVC has advanced Economic Development in the Rocky M...

Four things to know about health care reform

On average small firms pay more in health care costs than large firms – in fact, according to Mountain States Employers Council, of small businesses that do offer health care coverage, 72 percent say they struggle to afford it.  But there’s good news – under the Patient Protection and Affordable C...

Wild and woolly company wins big

Tech startup: ATOMS Express

ATOMS Express CEO Michael Rosenblatt has worked in product development for such big-name brands as Apple and Samsung; but his inclination for tinkering started when he was a kid. “I’ve always been into making things and making tools for others to make things,” he says. In 2009, Rosenblatt started...

Who's going to buy your company?

As the owner of a company, you might have an idea of when you would like to sell it (and possibly retire).  You might have an idea of how much you need to get in order to sell.  But do you know who the likely buyers are and what might make them a fit for your situation? Many business owners, espec...

Rocky Mountain Worm Company

Jay Williams graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and came home to Colorado Springs in 2010. His green-thumbed father, Ken, had started using compost in the garden, but something was missing: worms. “You need a lot of worms to keep your garden healthy,” says Jay.

Finding money in unexpected places

Best of CoBiz: Building with the arts

Eight great tips to prevent burnout

As a business owner, I get it. For many of us, owning a business has been a dream come true; but for others it can seem like a nightmare. Dealing with burnout can feel like a daunting task. It’s your responsibility, however, to take charge and really examine what is happening in your life. I’ve gi...

Top 10 ways to get the most from working at home

Can you really work in your underwear and take long lunches? Can you actually get work done and be more productive than you would be at an office, without being constantly distracted? What's the best way to pace yourself to avoid burn out? And how can you avoid talking to the dog, the cat – or the...
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