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Do your shopping: Not all patents are equal

Patent seekers often don't dedicate the amount of time spent while car shopping to secure the best financial investment, as they do when it comes to patent acquisition.

Business owners: Charting a roadmap for success in 2017

Conducting a mid-year check-in allows owners and executives to evaluate if goals for the year are being met as projected and whether plans need to be adapted to help optimize future success.

Beauty from waste – Why Artifact Uprising mindfully sources its materials

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is the more time you spend in these places, the more you understand how fragile they are. Whether you’re camping, hiking, skiing or climbing, you start to notice how each action adds up to take a heavy toll on these lands. It makes you think, “How can I change this? How can I do more than just pick up trash on my hike? How can I really make an impact?”

Seasonal hiring: Tips and traps for summer employees

Employers must tread carefully; seasonal employees, particularly teenagers, pose special risks.

Will toilet paper become obsolete?

Before you crack the code on why customers buy from you rather than your competition, you need to have a business model – identify a need and an operating model to profitably satisfy that need.

Should you compromise company policies?

What do you do when a widely accepted policy that affects both culture and bottom line is challenged by a highly valued, highly productive and hard-to-replace employee?

How do you define your people puzzle?

A talent gap analysis illustrates the areas for opportunity and deficiency in terms of people and culture. It identifies the competencies and skills you need for future growth and compares those findings to those of your current employees.

Smarter staffing required for restaurants, retail and franchises

Thriving small businesses are essential to Colorado because they create jobs, provide important services, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to the vibrancy to our communities. Although minimum wage laws can adversely affect small businesses, new technology solutions are available to help them.

Onboarding experience key to effective employee retention

HR and hiring managers today want flexibility, technology, support and encouragement along the way

3 simple ways to achieve goals through truth-telling

By using truth-telling to create an environment of trust, partnership and accountability, today’s leadership will create cultures they want, the engagement they need and the results they are focused on.

Want a culture of candor?

A key aspect of shifting a culture to increased candor and accuracy is how leaders are conversing and the example they are modeling. This work is done one leader and one conversation at a time.

Improving the bottom line: Scalpel or fertilizer?

Having your team members shoulder the burden and enlisting their minds in helping you increase performance is a choice you shouldn’t overlook.
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