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Leaders Grow and Thrive When They Build Community

Leaders develop better when apart of a community, even if they’re starting a business independently.

How to Take On the Big Guy

It’s nice to think that you don’t have to compete, but that’s naïve. There are usually a number of players trying to satisfy a customer’s need in the same market space.

Spur Excellence with Miller's L.O.V.E. to Learn Circle

When you explore with positive intention and forward momentum, you expand your influence factor.

Copyright Infringement and the Snow Globe Cupcake Wars

First-to-market strategies can be successful if a business is prepared and understands that their time in the limelight is limited and then must be ready to move on to the next big thing.

Five Tips to Improve Business Cash Flow

Positive cash flow can help maintain operations, adapt to changing business needs and ensure the company continues to run smoothly.

Win Loyalty. Use Empathy – The Hidden Business Success Secret

You achieve a faithful following by earning it. People are smart. They can sense when you, as a business, have their best interests at heart, versus when you’re solely out to maximize profit.

Get Serious About Having Fun

I had breakfast this morning with two fellows who enjoy business as much as I do. We all left with more energy and scheduled another meeting. If you head for the office (or factory or airport) without that feeling at least half of your days, you’re squandering your life.

The magic of emotional intelligence

We can create better environments with higher EQ and ultimately keep talent from leaving. But we have to manage this.

How artificial intelligence will revolutionize business

Recent headlines about Facebook panicking because their AI bots developed a language of their own have us hitting the alarm button once again. Must we feel unsettled with AI in our futures?

What to know about transitioning from startup to growth stage with grace

Working in a startup is not easy. It means a lot of work, being flexible and agile. With a lean team, we all strived to make the product, sale, experience and company better.

For better or worse, shareholders invest in people

Change in leadership does matter to the stock price; just be careful who you bet on, because it can go either way.

Facts don't cut it in business

Connecting dots, making assumptions, analyzing data and imagining different outcomes are all necessary skills for successful executives.
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