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Management & Leadership

How to overcome fear – Step 4: Worst-Case

Understanding and coming to peace with your worst-case scenario is the fourth step in overcoming fear.

Do you reward behaviors or victories?

Like all other great questions leaders must contend with, the struggle is important, and there are unintended consequences to both fates. You certainly cannot blow through all of your investors’ capital just trying hard.

Methods to hone the madness: 7 tips for increased morale

The upcoming era of employees values projects with a purpose and an environment that invests in them.

Service and support animals: What Colorado businesses need to know

It is not readily apparent whether a customer’s animal is a bona-fide service animal under the ADA, an emotional support/assistance animal or someone’s pet. There is confusion about whether businesses must allow entry to emotional support/assistance animals; whether businesses can ask questions about an animal; or whether company heads can ultimately refuse an animal access under certain conditions.

Ready to relinquish your busy badge?

You cannot manage time. You can only manage your priorities.

Don't let that hungry little startup eat your lunch

If you could learn brilliance, chutzpah, the maniacal need to become wealthy and how to take risk, Clark might be a role model. But you can’t really learn those things.

It’s now or never – Reinventing your business

I’m not saying, don’t worry. I’m saying, ask yourself the right questions: Is this the right time? Right product? Perfect combo? Will they come? Will this detract from my current product line offerings (and revenue)?

The hits just keep on rolling

A reflection on what has changed and remained true in the leadership world after nearly 40 years in business.

How to obtain your first corporate board seat

Your first corporate board seat is the hardest to find. A well thought-out personal action plan is your best path to obtain a position.

Five simple, inexpensive ways small businesses can improve cybersecurity

Companies can take much more comprehensive approaches to data security, including assessing risk, creating and implementing cybersecurity and incident response plans, and training employees.

A guide to non-compete and non-solicit agreements

It is important for companies to evaluate how they are protecting their valuable information. It is also imperative for companies to assess whether their hiring and on-boarding practices put them at risk of being sued by a competitor.

How to overcome fear in 6 steps, Part 3: Embrace fear

But learning to accept your fears is an important step toward mastering them.
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