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Chris Rothe's Red Canary on the lookout for cyber threats

As people take cybersecurity more seriously, Red Canary wants companies to see it as a core discipline.

Kristen Stiles' Sitter.me emerged from family inspiration

Kristen Stiles co-founder and CEO of Sitter.me helps parents find, book and pay babysitters in the new economy and wins ColoradoBiz Magazine's 2017 Top Techies.

How Damon Baker's software helps restaurants treat all customers like regulars

HyprLoco's Damon Baker, co-founder and chief technology officer, named one of ColoradoBiz Magazine's 2017 Top Techies of the Year.

The top tech talent of Colorado 2017

ColoradoBiz celebrates the the top tech talent in the state.

3:21 a.m. and Amazon FBA – How technology is transformational

One of my mantras is don’t get a job, make a job. With new ideas like fulfillment by Amazon, there are jobs that can be created that can keep the next generation out of a cubicle and out in nature, the nature of the big box stores that have things on clearance.

Colorado technology network launches on the heels of C-Level

Led by the Colorado Technology Association, the Nucleus will strengthen the bond between promising companies of Colorado with enterprise tech executives through advisory sessions, events and other collaborative opportunities to accelerate the state’s tech ecosystem.

No more drivers: 15 more predictions and rules for the road of the future

The Futurist unveils 15 more predictions for life after driverless cars become mainstream.

10 shocking predictions about driverless cars

The Futurist forecasts that the inevitable rollout of driverless vehicles will have a transformative impact on work, play and everything in between.

Tech Trek aims to drive talent to Colorado

The first Colorado Tech Trek lures MBA students to Colorado to explore innovative local firms.

How to transform business with geospatial data

Any company that requires parts, products, or people relies on hiccup-free logistics to deliver. Either directly or indirectly, businesses in nearly all fields are investors in logistics powered by geospatial data.

How a super metal is going to transform the way we get power

Our current power grid, composed of huge metal towers with dangling wires stretched across every continent in the world will be replaced with a thin strand of graphene, buried underground, that works a million times better than anything we have today.

How cyber crime can wreak havoc on your business

As a leader, it’s hard to admit poor judgment and corporate weakness. But here I am, confessing that we fell victim to a “spear phishing” scam resulting in a $50,000 loss to our company, despite having IT security measures and staff training in place.
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