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Denver's all grown up with no place to park

Denver added 13,028 people in the year that ended July 1, 2016, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates released in March. And with more people come more cars — a reality that’s evident to anyone trying to find a parking spot in the city, whether it’s downtown or a surrounding neighborhood.

Catalyst HTI bullish on health-care innovation despite politics

Catalyst HTI aims to provide an integrative office for health-care professions to work across disciplines, including doctors, dentists, physical therapists, nutritionists, insurance provides and others who ensure patients receive the care they need.

Post-Father's Day influence and inspiration

In honor of both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, my wish is that everyone has someone in their life as influential as my dad has been in my life.

Executive wheels: Finding the ultimate – Solo or family-friendly car

The good news is that you can get a 2017 Toyota Sienna at a starting base price of $29,750, the Model L, which features the same engine and drivetrain as the more-expensive of the 5 available trims.

National accolades for Western Slope town's bronze

They were all cast in bronze at the Lands End Sculpture Center on the outskirts of Paonia, a Western Slope town of just over 1,400 residents 70 miles southeast of Grand Junction. Paonia shares the North Fork Valley Colorado Creative District designation with the neighboring towns of Hotchkiss and Crawford, and the Lands End Sculpture Center reflects the creative surprises the valley offers.

The millennials…redefining the American dream

However, when it comes to buying a home, many Millennials are caught in a catch-22. Though they associate buying a home with the “American Dream” more than any other generation, the homeownership rate for Americans under age 35 is near record lows at just 34.7 percent. Meanwhile, the number of Millennials living with their parents has increased nearly 15 percent from 2006 to 2013.

Future Crimes to Attract a Whole New Breed of Criminal

Virtually every new technology, created with the best of intentions, can and will be used against us at some time in the future.

How the ski train got back on track

The ski train experience is unique – it eliminates the need for additional transportation, arriving directly at the base of the ski area. With the recent completion of the A line from the airport to Union Station, travelers can get from their city of origin to the slopes without taking a single shuttle or car.

Do incubators or accelerators have a higher ROI?

In contrast to accelerators, incubators rarely provide funding or take equity in their client companies. Both models provide certain common services such as mentoring, and both help idea-stage startups execute go-to-market strategies

A widening lens on diversity in the new economy

WeWork – a collaborative workspace with more than 140 locations – conceived of a new program, titled Veterans in Residence, in which former service men and women would be invited to “find your tribe; create your life’s work.”

The coming meat wars – 11 staggering predictions

There’s an adoption cycle for every emerging technology and cultured meats are no exception. Reduced environmental stress coupled with a cleaner, faster, cheaper and superior food source are all marketing points that will move the needle quickly.

True or false: Will millennials be the wealthiest generation yet?

Here are three distinct advantages Millenials hold: A powerful incentive to accumulate wealth rapidly; A thorough and painful introduction to financial education; An instinctive grasp of 21st-century business technology.
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