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If You Build It, They'll Hopefully Keep Coming

Though 19-34-year-olds are shape-shifting the landscape of traditional business practices, business transactions need to cater to both the new and old schools of thought.

Attract Top Talent with an Employment Branding Strategy

Employer branding, which was barely on any organization’s radar a decade ago, is now one of the top trending issues within the C-Suite, as companies struggle to find and keep high-level workers in a tightening labor market.

Are your Travels Bumpy or Beautiful?

In my experience, the most successful executives are neither extreme.

3 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from an Advanced Phone Solution

The tools that empower large corporations are the exact same tools that can help small business owners. An advanced phone solution like hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great example.

Branding a Startup – Bring in the Pros or DIY?

In many cases a strong brand is the difference between a company taking off or losing steam. If you’re not ready to hire an agency of record, you can certainly request a consultation, or do project work.

How to Cook a Frog and Build Wealth

While instant wealth is fun to think about, it is elusive. Wealth looks like it was created overnight when it was actually created through years of hard work.

Mark Cuban’s Advice to Denver Startup Week

Mark Cuban, an investor, entrepreneur, personality on the ABC show “Shark Tank” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team discussed entrepreneurship and current events during Denver Startup Week 2017. Brad Feld, a venture capitalist at Boulder’s Foundry Group and co-founder of Techstars, moderated the conversation between he and Charlie Ergen, founder of Dish Network.

How B2B Buyers Find Successful Tech Solutions

Find the model channel mix that suits your target market and gets your messaging right.

When to Use a Talent-First Business Growth Strategy

Here’s how INK Communications Co. turned typical business growth strategy on its head and came out better for it.

This is It – Practice Rest and Reflection

If you don’t currently have a practice of finding a quiet space and turning off the noise for a bit, I strongly recommend it.

Leaders Grow and Thrive When They Build Community

Leaders develop better when apart of a community, even if they’re starting a business independently.

Investing a Lump Sum by Nightfall

Psychological research and behavioral evidence have demonstrated that humans typically regret losses at least twice as much as they appreciate similar-sized gains. We are “loss-averse.”
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