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GenXYZ: Jeremy Atencio, 39

By day, Atencio represents corporations; by night, he advocates for the underdogs.

GenXYZ: Saul Garlick, 29

A family trip turned into a life-changer for Garlick, who decided to start a nonprofit, then a for-profit.

GenXYZ: Shane Gring, 26

Gring turned his frustration while trying to find a job in architecture into BOULD, which educates professionals about building green homes.

GenXYZ: Bart Lorang, 34

In 2010, Lorang co-founded FullContact, a 2011 Techstars company.

GenXYZ: April Lambatos, 31

In the 3 1/2 years April Lambatos and her husband have owned Footers Catering, it has grown revenue by 50 percent and won numerous awards.

GenXYZ: David Levin, 36

President and CEO of Four Winds Interactive, David Levin has been a key influencer and developer of the digital signage market since 2005.

GenXYZ: Rob Carpenter, 28

Rob Carpenter develops apps for small businesses with limited budgets.

GenXYZ: Randy Watkins, 36

In 2010, Watkins was admitted as ACM’s youngest partner. He continues to serve his industry as the president of the board of directors for the Northern Colorado Chapter of the Colorado Society of CPAs.

GenXYZ: Alexandra “Andra” Pool, 32

Pool develops innovative ways to grow the nonprofit organization, which supports high-performing, under-resourced scholars.

GenXYZ: Shawn Hansson, 35

Hansson turned his love of electronics and A/V equipment into a business that counts the likes of DISH Network, Sprint, Costco and others as customers.

GenXYZ: Brook Eddy, 39

Brook Eddy knew her tea was a success when café owners in Boulder told her their customers were requesting Bhakti Chai.

GenXYZ: Madison Carter, 27

Madison Carter runs a consulting firm to help form strategic partnerships, all the while working as a financial adviser.
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