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GenXYZ: Brook Eddy, 39

Brook Eddy knew her tea was a success when café owners in Boulder told her their customers were requesting Bhakti Chai.

GenXYZ: Madison Carter, 27

Madison Carter runs a consulting firm to help form strategic partnerships, all the while working as a financial adviser.

GenXYZ: Amanda Mountain, 37

Amanda Mountain has dramatically increased revenue in the three years she’s worked for Rocky Mountain PBS.

GenXYZ: Deirdre Wildman, 38

As the top designer at Four Five One Events, Deirdre Wildman produces more than 100 events annually throughout Colorado and the United States.

GenXYZ: Alexis Boian, 37

Alexis Boian says it is unusual for a bank to hire someone who knows philanthropy, not banking.

GenXYZ: Kristy Taddonio, 37

Kristy Taddonio climbed the ranks of the McDonald’s distribution chain by demonstrating strength in sales and the ability to grow the company.

GenXYZ Top Five: Kishen Mangat, 39

When a giant came knocking, BroadHop happily opened the door. in 2013, Cisco Systems Inc. acquired the company, a provider of next-generation policy control and service management for carrier networks. Kishen Mangat, who co-founded BroadHop in 2003, says the time was right to make the move.

GenXYZ Top Five: Mitchell Gonzales, 25

Mitchell Gonzales thought he wanted to get into the hotel and restaurant management business. He majored in hospitality management his first three years at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, but then he had a realization.

GenXYZ Top Five: Leah Pilcer, 26

GenXYZ Top Five: Matthew Taylor, 38

Listen to Matt Taylor talk about his business for a while and you realize his success largely resulted from taking some well-educated guesses.

GenXYZ: Christopher Hemming, 35

Strategic connector, Hemming is the president of C10, a private network of C-level businesspeople and technology leaders that hosts exclusive events in cities across the U.S.

GenXYZ 2013

What they lack in experience, these 25 top young pros make up for in drive, determination and ingenuity.
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