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Companies to Watch

Pie Consulting exudes drive and exuberance

Pie is a provider of building and forensic science services with a range of expertise in engineering, rehabilitative design, consulting, enclosure commissioning, construction management and field performance testing.

ISSAC offers enlightened data solutions

The firm has experienced rapid growth, offering a competitive advantage with its “enlightened data solutions” for business transitions with the U.S. Department of Defense.

How Mobile Solutions helps cut down on wireless spending

Mobile Solutions helps enterprises eliminate excess wireless spending through a combination of advanced analytics software, wireless device and rate-plan experts.

Odell Brewing takes craft beer to a new level

Odell has invested $17 million in building and production updates during the past four years, including a bump up in capacity from 80,000 barrels annually to 300,000 distributed currently to 11 states and England.

Wowza wows with awesome streaming media solutions

Wowza Media Systems powers streaming video and audio with customizable software and services to build, deploy and manage high-quality live and on-demand streaming solutions for companies and institutions of all sizes.

A glimpse into the future at Aleph Objects

In mid-spring, Forbes published an article titled, “LulzBot 3D Printers: A Glimpse Into the Future of American Manufacturing.” The subject was the boom of the 3D printing market, and Aleph Objects was at the center of the game-changing storyline.

BackJoy wants to fix the way you sit, stand and sleep

Moving to Colorado five years ago and seeking the counsel of former Crocs executives, BackJoy shifted from a single direct infomercial sales channel to a multi-channel model with an emphasis on wholesale.

Blackhawk Equipment is growing toward the future

Blackhawk Equipment distributes compressed air systems – deemed top-tier quality and impressively cost effective – throughout the state with the goal to optimize these operations.

BWBacon uncovers the secrets of tech talent

Heaps of reports today indicate that the leading challenge for technology companies in need of IT assistance is uncovering, attracting and then retaining top talent. That’s where BW (“Better With”) Bacon comes in. In step with the culture and community of Colorado business, and taking a people-centric perspective on pairing talent with organizations, BWBacon is a Web development and design staffing agency.

Cactus creates campaigns to generate social change

Using data-powered strategies, advertising, design, interactive digital campaigns, and integrated media services, the 53-person agency has accrued extensive experience and a history of successes.

Greystone Technology has a formula that works

The self-funded company has been profitable 47 consecutive quarters and has become the outsourced IT department for roughly 200 organizations along the Front Range, all without the aid of a sales department.

Horizon Glass combines design, installation and efficiency

Horizon’s product and service offerings along with its exceptional fabrication and installation of architectural aluminum and glass for new construction are the backbone of the operation. The company has successfully completed thousands of interior and exterior glass installation projects, spanning hospitals to schools, office buildings to mixed-use facilities, multifamily housing units to resort and hospitality projects as well as city, state and federal buildings.
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