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DCPA founder Donald Seawell dead at 103

Donald R. Seawell, founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, has died. He was 103.

Giving back in business

This summer, I had the privilege of traveling to Naro Moru, Kenya to participate in a community service project with Denver-based non-profit Edge of Seven and the Kenyan NGO ACCESS.

The sweet spot: When to file for your patent

Under the current first to file rules, whoever files first on an invention is the inventor who will receive a patent even over another later-filing inventor who came up with the idea first.

Cultivating next-gen rock stars

As a business leader who is constantly searching for—and competing to attract–the best talent in the Denver area, I can honestly say I am committed and have a vested interest in grooming talent in our great city.

Entrepreneur of the Year finalist: Charlie Coglianese

Here’s Charlie Coglianese’s education vision: Help 1 million kids with his software platform for personalized, data-driven instruction.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 - Jim Deters

Some entrepreneurs succeed through a shotgun approach, firing ideas into the sky and seeing what comes down. Some are serial business builders, taking a shot at one enterprise after the other. Jim Deters is strictly a sniper, obsessively seeking his target.

Entrepreneur of the Year finalist: Robert Thompson

Take one part nostalgic fun, one part diner fare, stir in some creative cocktails and top with lots of balls – bowling, billiard and ping-pong, among others – and you’ve got Robert Thompson’s recipe for success.

Entrepreneur of the Year finalist: Krista Morgan

Morgan left a lucrative job in London to move to Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and open P2Binvestor in 2012 with her father, Bruce Morgan.

Executive Edge: Mark D. Goodman

Mark Goodman, 46, took over as chairman and CEO of the Boyer Coffee Co. two years ago after helping launch McDonald’s overall coffee strategy, including the McCafe.

Entrepreneur of the Year finalist: Frank Segrave

For Frank Segrave, it’s all about the littlest patients. After nearly 30 years as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry for Walmart and Cardinal Health, Segrave left the C-suite behind to fill a need for children suffering from serious illness and chronic conditions.

Women business owners thrive with confidence, conviction

For women starting their own businesses in Colorado, especially those entering non-conventional job sectors, get ready to bring the passion.

Tech startup: Wimbo Music Inc.

A longtime musician, Denis Oullette would play guitar along to his favorite Eagles and Eric Clapton records, when inspiration struck. "I wanted to play with the band, not over the band," he says.
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