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Protect your company from a data breach

While data breaches may begin to feel inevitable, with the bad guys seemingly always one step ahead, it’s clear that companies need to take cybersecurity seriously, devoting personnel and money to the issue.

New administration presents promising opportunity for Western Landowners

There is growing consensus on a few issues that could improve to benefit both land managers and landscapes alike. A coalition of landowners known as the Western Landowners Alliance has identified three strategies to create jobs, strengthen rural economies, increase water supplies, help wildlife and provide returns for taxpayer investments.

The gap between accountability and personal responsibility

If something does not happen that you wish would happen, look in, not out. Failure is personal. Suck it up, push through the things that are preventing you from being all that you can be.

Overcome your fear: Defend your values and live up to your potential

In challenging times, take steps to overcome fear. The known and the unknown can trigger fear. There are at least two types of fear: that which is irrational and rational panic that comes from true danger.

The health of the herd

Businesses, like buffalo herds, sometimes require tough love in order to achieve health, wealth and growth.

How to master your fears, part II: Identification

After distilling people’s anxieties down to their essence, four primary fears emerge: Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection and fear of selling.

Employee appreciation: It's not just a day

Why limit yourself to just one day? Use Employee Appreciation Day as a jumping off point to build a healthy workplace culture to recognize and appreciate your employees year-round.

Reviewing econ 101

Ask yourself what and how we produce goods in the state to understand which industries thrive and which fail.

How to hire the best people

It used to be that we chose candidates based strictly on their education and work experience. We now know that our primary focus should be understanding how future employees will behave, how well they will adapt and what motivates them.

If you're not the best in your business, change the game

There are some companies that should simply go surfing. We try to tell them that when we realize it, and in some cases, they’ve gotten very good at surfing. When this happens, it’s especially satisfying.

How to get what Zuckerberg's got

Many leadership articles and blogs criticize his appearance and behavior. But whether you believe it or not, Zuckerberg, in his own way, exhibits an executive presence.

Here's how to avoid chaos in your company

Someone sets the tone, kick-starts the culture, makes the uncomfortable decisions and facilitates dialogue about how to improve and what changes must occur. Good leaders do that. Poor leaders don’t; they just get in the way.
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