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Management & Leadership

Should you compromise company policies?

What do you do when a widely accepted policy that affects both culture and bottom line is challenged by a highly valued, highly productive and hard-to-replace employee?

How do you define your people puzzle?

A talent gap analysis illustrates the areas for opportunity and deficiency in terms of people and culture. It identifies the competencies and skills you need for future growth and compares those findings to those of your current employees.

Smarter staffing required for restaurants, retail and franchises

Thriving small businesses are essential to Colorado because they create jobs, provide important services, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to the vibrancy to our communities. Although minimum wage laws can adversely affect small businesses, new technology solutions are available to help them.

Onboarding experience key to effective employee retention

HR and hiring managers today want flexibility, technology, support and encouragement along the way

3 simple ways to achieve goals through truth-telling

By using truth-telling to create an environment of trust, partnership and accountability, today’s leadership will create cultures they want, the engagement they need and the results they are focused on.

Want a culture of candor?

A key aspect of shifting a culture to increased candor and accuracy is how leaders are conversing and the example they are modeling. This work is done one leader and one conversation at a time.

Improving the bottom line: Scalpel or fertilizer?

Having your team members shoulder the burden and enlisting their minds in helping you increase performance is a choice you shouldn’t overlook.

Why has management become a dirty word?

Fail by leading, win by managing more.

How to overcome fear – Step 4: Worst-Case

Understanding and coming to peace with your worst-case scenario is the fourth step in overcoming fear.

Do you reward behaviors or victories?

Like all other great questions leaders must contend with, the struggle is important, and there are unintended consequences to both fates. You certainly cannot blow through all of your investors’ capital just trying hard.

Methods to hone the madness: 7 tips for increased morale

The upcoming era of employees values projects with a purpose and an environment that invests in them.

Service and support animals: What Colorado businesses need to know

It is not readily apparent whether a customer’s animal is a bona-fide service animal under the ADA, an emotional support/assistance animal or someone’s pet. There is confusion about whether businesses must allow entry to emotional support/assistance animals; whether businesses can ask questions about an animal; or whether company heads can ultimately refuse an animal access under certain conditions.
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