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How to be an intentional salesperson

In sales, we want to make a strong impact on our audience as well, yet rarely do we think beyond our words or slides.

Five easy ways to establish your brand’s thought leadership

Thought leadership is no longer a nice-to-have strategy; it's now a necessity as part of your public relations plan.

How your body language can help make sales

Unless you’re in control of your body, it’s telling your clients everything you don’t want them to know. Your words may be spot-on, but your body might be saying something else.

P2P revolution in marketing: What are the benefits?

The P2P revolution is here and marketing has shifted immensely to a much more personal approach – putting a name and a face on business and focusing on relationships, as opposed to business and the bottom line.

Why deny it? You're in sales

Success will be arduous without solid sales skills. Selling is one of the most significant skills every business owner needs to develop. It’s time to embrace it and get good at it.

So what fuels Denver’s drive ― to drive?

Last year set a record in new car sales, and 2016 appears to be on the same track. But what's really motivating the Denver-area consumers to buy? Here are some insights.

How to erase the “I can’t afford it” objection

Objections are a natural part of the selling process, and they pop up for many reasons. Objections can happen in all stages of the process and are often nothing more than problems to be solved.

Is your sales pitch in the snooze zone?

You’ve probably sat through a few presentations that made you long for the welcome sound of a fire alarm. Why are sales presentations in particular so boring?

Do you suffer from phone-a-phobia?

Salespeople say that phone calls eat away at their time and interrupt their workflow. It's an excuse ― an excuse used to avoid the dreaded human-to-human communication. This behavior is costly and holding people back from success.

Top five reasons to tell a story in your sales presentation

Unlike ordinary conversations, a sales or business presentation is a purposeful, heightened communication and every element, including a story, must connect to why you are there -- whether that’s to solve a business challenge, explore an opportunity or overcome obstacles to doing business.

The ultimate brand experience: Insights from Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Imagine having a database of 30,000 contacts who are willing to work for free. Sound crazy? It’s reality for Colorado craft whiskey maker Stranahan’s.

Prospects and clients: How to tell the difference

During a recent training at a world sales conference, a salesperson asked, “Salespeople always refer to their prospects as clients. I’ve heard you use the word prospects, even suspects, instead of clients. Why?” So I asked the question, "How do you know if someone is prospect or a client?" At the beginning, they wondered if I were just being literal. After a few hours, they began to "get" the distinction and corrected themselves without me having to ask the question. It's a simple but very important distinction to make.
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