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The ultimate brand experience: Insights from Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Imagine having a database of 30,000 contacts who are willing to work for free. Sound crazy? It’s reality for Colorado craft whiskey maker Stranahan’s.

Prospects and clients: How to tell the difference

During a recent training at a world sales conference, a salesperson asked, “Salespeople always refer to their prospects as clients. I’ve heard you use the word prospects, even suspects, instead of clients. Why?” So I asked the question, "How do you know if someone is prospect or a client?" At the beginning, they wondered if I were just being literal. After a few hours, they began to "get" the distinction and corrected themselves without me having to ask the question. It's a simple but very important distinction to make.

The four keys to delivering a better brand experience

When meeting with a client recently, we discussed how to deliver great brand experiences and I thought the client’s observations and comments were not only spot on, but urgently needed throughout the industry. These four keys to delivering a better brand experience aim to help your company create better and more fruitful relationships with clients and partners.

Top 7 sales lessons from the Oscars

The Oscars are a vast collection of mini-presentations and monologues given in front of a live and virtual audience with short attention spans and tight time constraints. Sounds like a typical business presentation to me!

Take this test to see where you are in the race to revenue

Does your organization specifically brand itself through its customer acquisition/customer retention strategy, do you have the tools, people and processes in place to deliver on your customer promise every time, everyday?

Top five tips to make you a virtual rock star

If you find yourself giving more presentations online, you are not alone.  As companies and employees get busier and more scattered this trend will only increase.

How to create great email newsletters

Have you been putting off the development of your email marketing program because the thought of sitting in front of your computer for hours writing or editing makes you break out in cold sweats?

How to make your slideshow sing -- and sell

A good slide deck is often the price of entry for serious consideration by today’s buyers. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an art major to create a good deck if you follow some simple best practices with these design rules:

How to reach a new audience with authenticity

Whether you want to shape thought to influence a business investment or simply educate people on important social issues affecting their lives, the best way to do so is to present the facts, localize messages and integrate those messages.

Here are the top 5 language land mines that can blow up your sale

Some everyday language may seem harmless, but at a subconscious level it may be preventing prospects from doing business with you. These everyday words are either deal sealers or deal stealers.

What kind of experiences are your customers having?

I was working with a San Francisco Bay Area transportation company. The story begins when I entered their lobby for our first meeting. Behind the receptionist desk were these three-foot-tall letters, proudly displayed, impossible to miss: ETDBW.

When should you spend those limited marketing dollars?

What times of year do tourism-related businesses not bother spending their limited marketing dollars? Researchers at Denver-based lodging metrics company DestiMetrics have homed in on a marketing “strike zone”.
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