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How to launch a powerful email marketing plan

With the average return on investment for email marketing at $38 for every $1, it makes sense to consider how you might build email marketing into your overall communications strategy.

Top five ways to help their business grow yours

Instead of focusing on a transactional business model where products and services are exchanged with no regard to building any kind of rapport with the customer, focus instead on a customer-oriented business model.

Top nine ways to make the most of your press coverage

Both start-ups and well-established business seek press coverage for their products and services, and a feature story in a well-respected publication can be much more effective in generating sales than traditional forms of advertising.

Do you suffer from sales denial?

Your success depends on your ability to sell. You took that first courageous step. Now follow through. All entrepreneurs must embrace their role as the chief sales officer.

Why you should stop chasing sales prospects

Many professionals are doing more chasing than catching. This outdated mindset is a one-way ticket to frustration and disappointment.

How NOT to use Linkedin

LinkedIn is a useful and powerful tool for professionals to increase sales and revenue. It offers the greatest and most efficient opportunity to identify ideal clients and customers. LinkedIn is a mighty weapon if used properly and with precision.

Building your self-motivation muscles

It happened again. On Monday, you wrote out a to-list for the week but procrastination took over and won again. You got fired up to start a project but were unable to keep the fire burning. 

Lessons from Team USA for a winning presentation

While you may not be competing for a world championship, team presentations often mean big dollars at stake as well as a significant investment of time and company resources.

Three ways to botch an email campaign

Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter and 68 percent of companies rank it as the best channel for ROI, so it’s well worth your time and effort to slow down and do it right.

How to make your presentation sticky

Longer buying cycles and increasingly complex sales are making it rare that a sales presentation or demonstration ends in a signed contract.

It's all in a name (or not)

Where would Amazon be if it were called "An Online Bookstore"? Companies should pick names that are more fanciful or arbitrary instead of descriptive when compared with the services offered by the business.

Best of ColoradoBiz: See through your customer's eyes

As a business owner and entrepreneur, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over time is the importance of having a marketing perspective in every decision I make for my business. A marketing perspective is not a “thing” but a mindset.
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