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Best of ColoradoBiz: Expectations for sales success

We never know what is going to happen next in life, but we almost always have expectations about it. Everything we do and say is based on our expectations. But our expectations, right or wrong, almost always affect our actions.

Follow up -- or fail

Think about how much time, money and energy you've put into developing marketing materials, sales strategies and networking events. Dropping the ball at the follow-up stage sends a message to customers that they can’t count on you.

Anyone can give it away

When you have a quality product, selling is relatively easy. Selling at full price is, however, much more difficult.

The real meaning of no in sales

Every day in telephone prospecting, we hear our contacts use several forms of the word no.  But when do you take “no” for “no,” and when might it mean something else?

Best of ColoradoBiz: Got presence?

DeNiro's got it. So does Streep. Keanu Reeves? Never had it. What is "it?" Presence. If you're alive and taking up space, you have presence, too. It's simply a matter of degree.

Four numbers that equal success

In our business lives, the start of a new fiscal year causes us to look ahead to what we want to accomplish. But I don’t believe you have to wait until Jan. 1 to set resolutions that will change your personal or professional path.

The trust factor in sales

If you want your customer’s trust, you have it earn it. You have to build it. You have to work to consistently keep it. Trust is built over time. It can be lost in seconds. Trust is the single biggest motivator of buyer behavior.

Strength in sales

People do business, not social media pages. Don’t get me wrong: I sincerely believe that social media has a great place in any marketing campaign. But I work on sales. And even though I’m not pushing a sale each time I pick up the phone, I am hunting for the next great relationship.

Five tips for marketing automation mastery

In my more than 20 years in marketing, I’ve seen many companies implement intricate, elegant, dynamic marketing platforms aimed at touching their customers with a total disregard for proper planning, process, metrics, cadence and content.

Beyond the cold call

Have your salespeople made a prospecting phone call whose central message sounded something like this? "We’ve helped our clients to deliver (so-and-so benefit) with our (Such-and-Such brand product/service), which has (so-and so feature).

Creating a powerful call list

Happens all the time: The sales manager comes in fuming because leads aren’t filling your company’s pipeline. Your teleprospecting team blames the lack of leads on the quality of your list.

Tracking customer loyalty to resort towns

Resort and tourism managers hope most visitors will have positive, memorable experiences so their word-of-mouth or sharable reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp draw the next wave of customers.
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