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Is a coding career in your future?

There is no formula to triumph as a programmer. Attention to detail is key, and an ability to problem-solve and self-start to uncover answers to questions are musts. But perhaps the most important quality is this one.

Is mind control closer than you think?

If a neural lace is able to completely integrate with the human brain, it should eventually be possible to master brain-to-brain communications, control sleep patterns and do brain-searches of the Internet.

Invest in the potential of Denver students

When businesses become actively engaged with the educational system, and all students (especially those who might otherwise be overlooked for—or unaware of—key opportunities) are given the chance to expand their work-based learning opportunities, everybody wins.

Drones in the field: Farmers say they're ready for takeoff

After 28 years as a crop consultant in Colorado, Maya Kuile-Miller of Cactus Hill Ag Consulting in the San Luis Valley is looking forward to a technology that may just save her knees.

Will a "coding boot camp" help me land a job in tech?

Computer coding boot camps are short-term, intensive programming schools that seek to teach students real-world skills, enabling them to find and secure competitive roles at top companies.

How secure is cyber security? Not very.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding regarding data security compliance, often referred to as ‘PCI Compliance’. Many believe that it guarantees security and that it protects consumers.

What's the next open data success story going to look like?

What would it look like if data collected by the government could work for entrepreneurs to build business? What type of innovation can we create from data that’s already collected?

Sure, a robot could do your job -- but what would be lost?

“Would you like fries with that?” will be asked by McRobots everywhere. This automation has been coming for years – robotics began replacing factory workers in automobile plants decades ago – but lately has been accelerating.

What tech startups need to know today to succeed tomorrow

Start-up entrepreneurs must have the foresight to make the right legal and tax decisions associated with their venture. Here are five crucial legal and tax issues all start-ups should consider.

The three words that can cost your business six figures a year

When employees or customers are forced to wait for an application to load, productivity decreases, stress increases and reputation (and bottom line) of the company can be put in jeopardy.

Are robots going to steal your job?

Almost two-thirds of Americans think that in 50 years, robots and computers will have taken over most work, yet few believe their own jobs are at risk.

New dimensions in vacations: Rethinking the cruise

My wife Deb and I recently got back from a 10-day Princess Cruise through the Panama Canal, a fabulous experience, but one that could have been greatly enhanced with better technology on the part of the cruise line.
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