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Five easy tips for pain-free software development

Either a company disappeared for six months and had nothing to show, or the product didn’t solve the problem the business wanted to fix. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

Eight hot transformative tech opportunities you should know about

In a connected digital environment, innovation is parsed into far smaller pieces, enabling even more people to contribute. Today, we are witnessing the convergence of technologies, each with the potential to grow exponentially into an Internet-sized opportunity.

What is the darknet, and why should you care about it?

The effectiveness of evolving threats has taught us that it is not a matter of whether a business will be breached, but when. There is no all-encompassing security solution, so businesses must look to a multi-faceted defense.

Why we need to feed the tech talent pipeline

Colorado currently has more than 16,000 open computing jobs with an average salary of $92,000. So is the gap solely due to a lack in talent, or to the evaluation process when seeking the right talent?

Your business needs an app. So where do you go?

Each development company operates differently and holds different values and expertise. Finding an app development company is as much about not doing it wrong as it is about doing it right.

Five practical steps to surviving a security breach

Whether we want to admit it, the reality of a breach is imminent. And if we want to survive, we must start thinking about security differently. And that starts with understanding what’s going on in our network.

72 stunning things that will be common in 10 years

If we leapfrog ahead 10 years and take notice of the radically different lives we will be living, we will notice how a few key technologies paved the way for massive new industries. Here is a glimpse of a stunningly different future that will come into view over the next decade.

Why tech startups have got to protect their intellectual property

Intellectual property invariably will be a tech startup's most valuable asset. Startups need to take proactive legal steps at the outset to protect their IP from theft/infringement, as well as from excessive taxation.

The Colorado Tech Tour 2016 explores the Western Slope

The Colorado Technology Association’s Tech Tour rolled into Grand Junction, known for the Colorado National Monument and Book Cliffs of the Grand Valley, extreme mountain biking and its legacy in the oil and gas industry.

On the road with the Colorado Tech Tour 2016

The second day of the Colorado Tech Tour included a view of the Rocky Mountains, with stops in Frisco and Vail. ColoradoBiz caught up with Amy Kemp, founder of Mountaintop Media and ELEVATE coSpace in Frisco.

How to protect yourself against identity theft

With technology constantly changing, investors feel that it is difficult to find the best way to protect themselves. So what can you do now?

Is a coding career in your future?

There is no formula to triumph as a programmer. Attention to detail is key, and an ability to problem-solve and self-start to uncover answers to questions are musts. But perhaps the most important quality is this one.
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