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Here are 128 things that will disappear in the driverless car era

Over the coming decades, a number of auto industry-wide “epiphany moments” will cause business leaders to rethink the true scope of the impact of driverless cars.

How the era of the driverless car will impact your life

Imagine stepping out of your house 15 years from now and using your smartphone to summon a driverless vehicle. In less than three minutes, a driverless vehicle arrives and whisks you off to work, school, shopping or wherever you want to go.

When worlds collide: Beware the robotic worker

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is concerned about the increasing complexity of robots and has proposed a number of recommendations for protecting workers interacting with robotic workers.

Virtual reality: The future of the NFL and all the sports you love

VR has the potential to make or break sports in the future. Both engagement and entertainment levels will change, as will the audience experience. It will also dispel some of the mystery behind the magic.

Here are the top 7 ways to compete in today's digital landscape

There are really two schools of thought on how we can compete. One option is to be guarded and minimize risk. Another is to be open and take chances. Here's my advice.

How big data can reap big rewards

Big data can reap big rewards if you use the proper analytics process. While your internal data is invaluable, using detailed rather than summarized third-party data can often expedite your path to profitable outcomes.

Grandpa's on Facebook: Why that matters to your business

Just because we don't sell an actual product online doesn't mean the digital landscape isn't critical to our success. People research what they buy online, even when they don't buy online.

Taking stock of the bitcoin landscape in Colorado

Bitcoin, a global currency and payment network, continues to garner a wealth of media attention. But what impact is it having in Colorado, and what’s its appeal?

Inside the high-country coworking phenomenon

Coworking has snowballed in Colorado’s mountain towns. Kicking off the trend, DurangoSpace opened in 2011 and now attracts a wide range of creatives, techies and other professionals.

How to handle a mobile device panic attack

How many times has your heart started to race and your palms sweat as you instantly find yourself spun into an anxiety attack over technology?

Coloradans talk "innovation nation" at the White House

Colorado leaders in business, policy, technology and education met with federal policy experts Tuesday to brainstorm ways for Colorado to take the lead in the successful formation of an “innovation nation.”

The CTA brings tech-savvy Colorado to Washington

The Colorado Technology Association plans to meet with leaders in technology and innovation during a three-day trip to Washington, D.C. that will spotlight actionable business goals, initiatives and insights.
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