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What fantasy football can teach us about investing

At the end of the day, no single player will win you a championship. It comes down to the complete team. How the pieces perform individually matters, but how they interact is just as critical.

Expecting the unexpected in the age of Trump

Surely, there is no way the stock market would rise in the face of uncertain economic policies and an interest rate hike. Since the election, U.S. stocks are up nearly 5 percent. Over this same period, the short-term safe haven of bonds crumbled as the price of bonds declined.

Is there a big crash coming?

Radio ads, articles, political candidates claiming the sky is falling…there’s plenty of scary talk about a “major crash” looming. Does this sensationalism mesh with the reality, though?

How to minimize money woes this holiday season

With holiday sales expected to increase this year, it’s safe to assume that shops will be more crowded than ever and items will be flying off the shelves faster. Here are few tips to help you enjoy the holidays without the stress and a hefty bill.

Think rates are staying low? Think again

To the surprise of everyone who predicts rates, the 10-year treasury pushed up borrowing costs across the board, with mortgage rates rising nearly 5 percent. How can this be possible?

The time is now: Saving for retirement

As the population ages, there are many realities to be aware of. Planning for your future is more important than ever! Here are a few simple tips to help you get started.

How to hold down health care costs

As the fully insured market continues to get hit by rates increases, more employers are looking to self-funding as an opportunity to escape the choke hold of ever-increasing premiums.

You need to take control of your financial future

While the gap between men's and women's earnings has been steadily narrowing in the last decade, full wage equality has yet to be achieved. It’s time for us to take some control over our financial future.

Do you have a small business in search of tax relief?

Look out, Denver companies and especially small businesses: The IRS will soon issue new tax forms that will allow small business taxpayers to apply R&D credits to FICA taxes and AMT.

Why investing in gender diversity is important

Arguments for more female participation in the workplace and in senior positions are often founded on the principle of equality. Many forget, however, that that a better balance of men and women in the workplace can also deliver an improved bottom line.

How do elections impact your money?

Politics are very important. But it shouldn’t be the number one decider for your investment actions.

What to do about corporate taxes

Nobody likes paying taxes, but American CEOs in particular seem to be adept at finding new ways to minimize corporate taxes. As an example, consider the computer giant, Apple.
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