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The best ways to share wealth with family

Cash gifts allow the recipient to spend the funds on any item or experience they want – which can be both good and bad. Small gifts of cash may do no harm, but what if the gift is a more sizable amount?

Why higher business taxes can be a good thing

Where did we get the notion that only lower taxes will stimulate a business to spend money? For me and people like me, it’s actually the opposite.

Your seven keys to perpetual cash flow

Manage these seven key numbers, you’ll have a powerful tool to project and control both revenue and costs. The result will be a leaner, more streamlined company that produces consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow.

Investing this summer: What you need to know

For those exploring opportunities this summer, global stocks and bonds generated modestly positive returns despite increased market turbulence last quarter.

Paving the way to private practice financing

One of the most challenging tasks in opening a practice is obtaining proper financing, but the below five key steps can help physicians secure a business loan and a beneficial banking relationship:

If you believe in it, fund it!

Like Congress, if organizations devise good measures but don’t fund them appropriately, they waste their effort and add a few more pages to the company operating manual or HR policy binder, causing cynicism and wonder at “how stupid they can be.”

Why too many 401k choices can be a bad thing

Have you ever stood in a grocery store aisle, unsure which of a dozen brands of spaghetti sauce to buy? Americans are confronted with a similarly dizzying array of choices when it comes to mutual funds in their 401(k) plans.

How to prepare your finances for a new baby

As a new father, I know there is plenty to prepare for when expecting a child – from buying the right car seat to designing the nursery. It is also smart to prepare financially.

When it comes to tax decisions for startups, one size doesn't fit all

Choice of entity is one of the first key legal and tax decisions for a tech startup. A "one size fits all" mindset cannot dictate the approach when organizing an entity to meet business objectives.

How to get the most for your health care bucks

While we have a way to go to before health care prices are as transparent as prices for electronics, there are some resources that can help us make more educated decisions about how much we pay for care and who provides that care.

Top five mistakes to avoid when you need business funding

I have listened to hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs as they seek capital or operating leases to start or expand a business. There are a few common themes I hear repeatedly.

Brexit: Should Britain stay in the EU -- or should it go?

On June 23, voters in the United Kingdom will decide whether to continue their membership in the European Union At this point in time, it appears Britain will stay put, but there is an outside chance voters will decide differently.
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