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Real Estate

Real estate report: Aspen divide

While long-awaited affordable lodging could be coming to downtown Aspen, the developer faces predictable resistance from the town’s residents and officials.

Should you bet your wallet on Zillow?

Whenever I ask a borrower what their property is worth, more often than not they respond: “The Zillow value is X.” This got me thinking: How accurate are online realty sites at valuing a property?

Home safety: A growing crisis

Current and past building codes combined with existing design principles and methodologies have not adequately addressed private home safety.

Vital Signs

No matter how many doomsday reports flood local newspapers; no matter how many politicians cry foul; no matter how many Special Reports receive top billing on the 10 o’clock news – the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center will be completed.

Real estate report: The many lives of Larimer

In the 50 years since preservationist Dana Crawford revealed her vision for one of Denver’s most beloved shopping and dining destinations, the retail on historic Larimer Square has come full circle.

Tips for marketing in the real estate industry

Marketing is a combination of science and art. Today mobile activity has surpassed laptop activity. Knowing that simple fact allows you to think differently about how you’re reaching your specific audience.

Building for Millennials

Denver’s strong economy, solid job growth and enviable quality of life have made the area attractive to Millennials.

Hottest real estate market is a Mile High

In case there were any doubts, Denver boasts the hottest real estate market in the country, at least according to Realtor.com’s monthly rankings that placed the Mile High City No. 1 among 300 U.S. markets for both April and May.

Glendale project aims to recapture ‘70s spirit

It’s hard to imagine if you weren’t around in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but the little city of Glendale used to be Denver’s go-to center for drinking, dining, dancing and other fun.

So you want to be a real estate investor

Should you invest in real estate for the long term? This all depends on a number of factors: how high can you make rents and still attract high quality long term tenants, how low can you buy a quality property, how much are you going to put into the property?

The futurist: Dream house of the future

For the past several months, I’ve become enamored with the idea of creating a self-sufficient, connectionless home. Not only is the home off-grid, creating it’s own power, heat, and air-conditioning, but also it’s own water supply, compost, and sewage system in a smart home environment.

Tech Startup: SQFT

SQFT CEO and co-founder James Simpson sold residential real estate in Beverly Hills before moving to Boulder in 2010. “Here, things were a little bit different than they were in California,” says Simpson.
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