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Real Estate

A look into my mortgage-rate crystal ball

Mortgages do not move in direct correlation with the federal funds rate. This became apparent when the Federal Reserve raised rates in December. Within a few weeks, mortgage rates had dropped below when rates started. How can this happen?

The property rights controversy you never hear about

Headlines hype ranchers occupying public lands while insisting they have rights to use the land without compensating the federal government. What we seldom hear about are private ownership rights under the control of local governments.

Here's why you want to exit at Silver Plume

For Coloradans who came or stayed for easy access to a high quality of life in the outdoors, Silver Plume remains an idyllic community to put down roots.

Has Denver real estate lost its mojo?

As a result of the large strains on the available supply of houses in the metro area and the insatiable demand caused by population increases, Denver’s housing market has become one of the fastest-appreciating in the country.

Affordable Colorado Springs booms in diverse ways

Seems like most of Colorado’s Front Range is in the news for rapid population growth and development — with the exception of Colorado Springs. But the state’s second-largest city is no sleeping giant.

How to lose money fast: A real estate wreck is coming

Unfortunately, there is a real estate wreck waiting to happen. There won’t be bodily injury, but anyone involved is likely to feel it in their wallet.

Why do so many millennials live in their parents' basement?

As a result of watching the value of their parents’ home drop drastically during the 2008-2009 housing bubble, Millennials have grown wary of homeownership.

What happens when Toys for Tots meets marijuana

I recently read an article in the Denver Post that the nonprofit Toys for Tots is unable to locate warehouse space for their annual toy drive. I knew why without even reading the article: Marijuana

In booming Denver, housing’s not all that’s scarce

I’ve seen firsthand the effects of a tightening labor market, and evidence that Denver has room for not just more housing but more businesses.

South-central Colorado's hard-working vibe

Economic development leaders and business owners say the area is holding its own in population and business development, pointing to trends such as growth of agricultural diversity with more niche and organic crops.

Downtown's $650,000 problem

While Denver seems to be thriving, the 33-year-old 16th Street Mall appears to be the lone exception.

Top Company 2015: Exclusive Resorts

What’s not to love about a vacation? What’s not to love about a company that loves vacations – and loves the people who take them?
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