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Real Estate

Will Taco Bell predict the next real estate crash?

What does a fast food restaurant like Taco Bell have to do with real estate? Can the sales of Taco Bell predict the next crash? What do sales at fast food restaurants mean for the general economy?

How Denver restaurants and retail adapt to rising rents

The general rule is simple: A restaurateur’s occupancy cost – rent plus interrelated fees – shouldn’t exceed 10 percent of gross sales. For many local joints, though, it’s become challenging to operate within those parameters.

Pueblo stakes its future on innovation

Pueblo became known as the Pittsburgh of the West, with affordable living, open space and parks. It was devastated by the 1982 steel crash and recession, but it's coming back stronger than ever.

Renting a Denver skyline office is going to cost you

Rents for the office buildings that make up the Denver’s skyline have jumped into record territory in 2016 — an average of $40.06 per square foot, 9.7 percent higher than the first quarter of 2015.

Is the pot industry doomed in Denver?

The large cost advantages for non-metro producers will allow lower price points for a comparable quality product. These large price drops will have a huge impact on growers with much higher fixed costs; as a result, they ultimately will be unable to compete.

Why are $1 billion megaprojects the biggest thing around?

We are witnessing an explosion in the number of $1 billion-plus projects with some exceeding $100 billion. But even these are merely scratching the surface of the extreme megaproject growth that will happen over the next decade.

8z Real Estate: On a mission to raise the bar

8z Real Estate has wholeheartedly adopted its mission statement: “Real Estate is broken, we are fixing it.”

How Denver's Tejon Street came back to life

Over the years, Tejon Street went from a thriving streetcar hub with commercial centers and residences to a neglected neighborhood. But in the last decade, with about $100 million invested in the corridor, Tejon has bounced back.

Should you invest in Denver's hot real estate market?

The potential rewards may make Denver real estate difficult to resist – but be cautious. At some point, supply may catch up to demand, sales may slow and values may stabilize or potentially decline. And without careful financial planning, an investor can be put into a complicated cash crunch.

Here are the trends behind Colorado's senior real estate boom

Over the next 15 years, the number of people in Colorado age 65 or older is expected to more than double, creating a high demand for senior living facilities that offer more than the sterile, institutional nursing homes of the past that frightened children visiting elderly relatives.

Getting your employees from there to here

Traditionally, human resources departments contract with third-party service providers to relocate out-of-state employees. Why not consider a new solution that is more cost-effective for employers and provides a higher level of satisfaction?

Three factors that could deflate Denver's real estate mojo

Denver continues to be one of the hottest housing markets around. In my last article, Has Denver lost its mojo?, I outlined the key drivers of the Front Range housing market success. The million dollar questions are: How long can this appreciation continue? And what ― if anything ― will change the current trajectory?
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