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Eight Reasons to Revisit Your Estate Plan

While a thorough assessment of an estate plan is encouraged annually, these eight items should be kept top of mind when considering if it’s time for a refresh.

Know the Best is Yet to Come

Dr. Lauren Casteel, CEO of the Women's Foundation of Colorado, interviewed the first black first lady in the United States, and spoke passionately with the mantra: "Know the best is yet to come."

How a Small Decision Can Turn Your Life Around

Life is a series of choices and events, and choices about those events, and choices about what to do about those events, and so on. Each choice leads to another. You see, we don't always choose what may happen to us in life, but when we are presented with the gift of Choice, we rarely see it as a gift.

Important questions to ask when considering assisted living

Assisted Living provides residents with as much independence as they want, with the knowledge that personal care and support is readily available. It is often viewed as the “best of both worlds” in senior living.

How to unzip and step out of anxiety

You have the ability to overcome any perceived challenge if you choose to remember. Once upon a time you had an courageous desire to try new things.

The dos and don'ts of landing a job at a startup

There’s no perfect approach to finding and landing a job. It’s a complicated process, even with all the ‘do and don’t’ advice columns in the world.

6 Right ways to use job boards and one wrong way

Don't waste your time poring over listing after listing. Here are six ways you should be utilizing job boards.

How to stop being frustrated

It is in the power of the pause that we regain our ability to discern the flow of meaning that takes place within our conversations.

A Sunday drive without a destination

Meetings without objectives, activity lacking an overarching strategy, investment minus a desired rate of return, hiring without a clear criteria, expensive training programs absent success measurement, annual meetings with no clear objectives — those are all just Sunday drives.

SportsBiz: A facelift for LoDo

Rockies fans aren’t purely passive bystanders here. Economic success in professional sports often translates to bigger player payrolls.

Inventiveness is par for the course in Colorado

Here's a look at other golf products and companies that call the state home, including some you'll recognize and others new to the course.

Selfishness has a bad rap

Just like the phrase, “Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others,” you need to take care of yourself if you are going to be an effective leader.
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