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How to spring clean your mind for more joy and confidence

Restore your mind to freshness this spring as you clean out the old tenants of negative thinking and renew your mind with uplifting and refreshing thoughts and perceptions.

2017 executive golf guide: Chief justice on the tee

When Chief Justice Nancy Rice is in her Denver office, she likes to wrap up her trip with a round of golf.

Five etiquette tips for professional after-hours events

Don’t become too comfortable because you cross the boundaries of professionalism.

The healthy living boom fares well for the yoga industry

The practice of yoga has made the mindful physical activity a booming business.

Play the 10 toughest courses in Colorado

Our list of the state's 10 toughest golf courses, unlike yours, is not subjective.

Golf Reinvented: Clubs expand offerings to broaden appeal

In an industry that has reported closures and declines in participation for more than 10 years, investors are calling it the path to profit – particularly in the thriving Denver metropolitan area.

Perspectives and purpose for work and life [VIDEO]

Explore an existence that includes self-worth, achievement, contribution and security.

Get to work and take the first step today [INFOGRAPHIC]

The American Heart Association established National Walking Day – the first Wednesday in April – in 2007, and since has encouraged individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to get out and walk for at least 30 minutes and put themselves on the road to better health.

Spring cleaning: A healthy workplace makeover

A healthy work environment is vital, not only to productivity, but to physical and mental well-being.

(For April Fools' Day, we remind you:) A fool and his money are soon parted

For April Fools Day, Gutterman Grifiths shares tips to avoid acting foolish during divorce proceedings.

Saying goodbye to paradise and buying a home downtown

Moving from one home to the next provides ample opportunity to take stock of life, love and achievements.

How to eliminate your never-good-enough syndrome

What is the one thing that causes you to lose you of inner peace and confidence?
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