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How to save money by making your employees smarter about health care

Make sure your education aligns with the objective: improving health literacy. Focus on the kind of education that will help your employees help your medical plan save money. Strategic education is the wave of the future.

How to know if you suffer from digital dementia

Are you flat-lining in the area of your emotional responses? Feeling like your 'screen saver' is on when people are talking to you?

When you get out of your comfort zone, where do you go?

I’m often struck by how almost superficially the advice to "get out of your comfort zone" is bandied about. What's so astounding to me is that this advice is rarely if ever given with any substantive follow up about what you step into.

Winning Bananagrams strategies for career success

Whenever I play the game Bananagrams, I am reminded of how winning in this game requires some key tactics that also happen to be critical to building success and fulfillment in our work.

Han Solo was rescued, but your success is up to you

The career equivalent of being frozen in carbonite is the inertia that sets in and holds us in place. Whether that’s bogged down in burn out, or uninspired due to a lack of challenge and growth.

How to make your face work for you

You balance spreadsheets all day long, and you alone secured enough capital to back your business for the next five years. Yet when it comes to remaining “business presentable” – youthful, invigorated and bright-eyed, you’ve bought into the “a face lift and all that goes with it is a $18,000 investment minimum” myth.

Six easy steps to create the life you want

Think back to one year ago. Was this year all that you dreamed and wished? Why? Why not?

Why time is the new money

Companies are realizing that when you give people back their time, they will make you more money. It seems counter-intuitive, but it's really quite logical.

All about the power of crossing paths

Cross paths with interesting or influential people you find everywhere, whether or not you see immediate benefits, and your network will begin to grow in powerful and unimagined ways.

Why you should start 2016 with an "everyday resolution"

So if you want to become healthier and exercise more in 2016, don't go sign up for a gym membership and only show up for the first two weeks. Instead, when you are ready to take a restroom break, walk to the restroom that is farthest away from your desk, or the one on another floor.

Can you really have it all? The answer is ...

Too many business owners go into business looking for an immediate Ozzie and Harriet "lifestyle business", assuming that they can step right in working four or five days a week. Success almost never comes that way. It was the willingness to go all in and be completely imbalanced on the front end that allows me to be imbalanced now in the direction of free time.

Illegal behaviors to avoid on the fields of love and work

Any time we can flip a serious situation into a place of levity, we instantly ignite the part of the brain which allows us to seek healthy solutions and we are in a position to reboot our thoughts and actions into a space which honors the person we are committed to being.
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