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(For April Fools' Day, we remind you:) A fool and his money are soon parted

For April Fools Day, Gutterman Grifiths shares tips to avoid acting foolish during divorce proceedings.

Saying goodbye to paradise and buying a home downtown

Moving from one home to the next provides ample opportunity to take stock of life, love and achievements.

How to eliminate your never-good-enough syndrome

What is the one thing that causes you to lose you of inner peace and confidence?

Rundles wrapup: Save like mad and more reflections on retirement

As I write, I’m on the eve of my 65th birthday, have my Medicare card and coverage in place, am trying to delay taking Social Security until I qualify for a higher monthly payout, am finding job applications rejected due to my age (obliquely), and I’m constantly being asked why I don’t just retire by well-meaning but obviously ignorant people, mostly younger, who just assume that retirement is a piece of cake.

Why the quest for balance won't make you happy

The truth of it is, owning a growing business and having a full life can be like a constant game of trying to get ahead of a fast-moving train.

Follow Sinatra's advice for a better life

Perhaps you'll find guidance, as I do, from Frank Sinatra in his song, "That's Life". Here's a useful interpretation of the song with seven key lessons

Why you should have only one goal the rest of your life

To have a life of purpose, we have to live on purpose. Here are three reasons why you should take the bull by the horns and make life happen for you, not to you.

Top four tips for a stress-free company holiday party

It is wise for employers to be aware of the potential problems that can stem from inappropriate behavior or actions that might happen when co-workers interact in a more casual way.

Why the phrase "work-life balance" is so vexing

We don’t strive for work-life balance, as the two never are in balance. Instead, we strive for work-life harmony.

Do you know where my keys are?

Has anyone found my keys? And while you’re at it, has anyone found my peace? My joy? My fun life? My time? My career? My creativity? My smile? My youth? Thanks, I just really need to find those.

Do you have a commitment addiction?

We think we're doing what we're supposed to do to be successful at work, contribute at home and be engaged in the community. But in our unconscious, compulsive cycle of over-committing, we undermine our best and highest intentions.

Lessons from Rio: How pre-event routines can help you be your best

Do you know how to thrive under the pressure that crushes those who aren’t mentally tough? Like the great Olympians, you can learn to create an optimal state of mind before engaging in your most challenging or most important personal and professional situations.
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