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Company Perspectives

Want to get financing for your small business?

To help prepare you to apply for a business loan, below are steps we at the Colorado Enterprise Fund recommend based on our 40 years of working with small business owners.

How to get through Colorado's election ballot

Don’t be daunted by this year’s long ballot. Some of our most critical issues will be near the bottom, so stay strong and use this guide to speed up the process and make it to the very end of your ballot.

The do’s and don’ts of divorcing your business partner

Nobody benefits from a scorched earth approach. If you consider this a zero sum game, where you “win” if you have more dollars at the end of the game, you and your spouse will each have far fewer dollars than if your settlement posture is more flexible.

How passion meets purpose in Colorado's great outdoors

“Where Passion Meets Purpose. This is Your Place.” That’s the new slogan for doing business in Colorado. And there’s perhaps no other industry where this is quite as evident as outdoor recreation.

How Infinity Park turns great ideas into amazing events

If you've got an idea, the Infinity Park Event Center staff can turn it into an event. "We have some incredible space in the event center that's very much akin to a blank canvas," General Manager Bobbi Reed says.

Who are your company leaders? The answer might surprise you

There is an assumption that once an individual attains a management job title, they are instantly bestowed with amazing leadership capabilities. In reality, many of an organization's strongest leaders are those outside of management.

Four reasons to plan a Breckenridge meeting

The laid-back atmosphere makes any visiting group feel like a part of the community. Take in an expansive view of the Ten Mile range, a glistening high alpine lake, a National Forest or a wildflower filled meadow.

What happened when accountants started looking at federal finances

So what happened when some accountants started looking at the federal government's finances? Anton Collins Mitchell Chairman & CEO Greg Anton talks about the "What's at Stake" initiative.

The return on investment of good design

A professionally designed building pays dividends over the course of its life. It will draw people in and invite them to stay, move about, or behave in desired ways, be they clients, residents, patients or employees.

Avoid implementing new technology the old way

Technology includes far more than servers and networks. Web technology, analytics, mobile strategy and security have changed the landscape for good. Here's what makes for a truly effective IT department.

Mergers & acquisitions: Tips for a successful transaction

Merger and acquisition expert and attorney at law Stephen Dietrich gives practical advice every business professional should know before buying or selling a company.

Can great places and spaces make you healthier?

In recent years, our focus on well-being has begun to stretch beyond the foods we choose and energy we use. We are beginning to consider the health impact of the buildings where we live, work and play.
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