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Company Perspectives

How to become a big-picture systems thinker

To create a clear strategic vision and to see it through to completion, you need an unobstructed—and enterprise-wide—view of the management road ahead.

The benefits of same-day payments

Money will be moving faster, now that same-day payments are on the horizon, says Kari Osborne, Vice President and Senior Treasury Advisor at UMB Bank.

Navigating the Colorado small business market

Small business is growing by leaps and bounds in Colorado, but that rapid expansion also means higher startup costs for those seeking to enter the market.

Which Colorado small businesses are booming

Colorado's small business sector is booming, says Dominic Karaba, Executive Vice President of Business Banking for UMB Bank.

The state of Colorado health care: Mergers and consolidation

Colorado is a great example of the consolidation that's been going on in the health care marketplace since the recession and the Affordable Care Act, says Richard Ziegner, Executive VP & Director of Healthcare Banking at UMB Bank.

The impact of the health care sector on our economy

The health care sector has a huge impact on the health of our economy, says Richard Ziegner, Executive Vice President & Director of Healthcare Banking at UMB Bank.

Consumer confidence looks good for the rest of 2015

Consumer confidence is up, which means a great finish to 2015, says KC Mathews, chief investment officer at UMB Bank.

Corporate profits are struggling -- here's why

KC Mathews, UMB Bank Executive Vice President and chief investment officer, talks about how the energy industry's health has affected overall corporate growth and profits.

Why mergers & acquisitions are taking off in Denver

With the economy taking off, mergers and acquisitions have been on the upswing in Denver, and UMB Bank CEO Jon Robinson talks about the reasons why.

Colorado's economy is booming - here's why

To see how well Colorado's economy is doing, look to the sky, says Jon Robinson, UMB Bank's CEO and chief lending officer.

How to improve your business with energy efficiency

Your business is more than likely wasting energy, so you are paying for energy that you aren’t using. And that’s not good business.

Cushman & Wakefield announces merger

Cushman & Wakefield has announced the successful merger of Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ.
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