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Company Perspectives

A tax holiday for your business

In January, Gov. John Hickenlooper proclaimed Mesa County Colorado’s first-ever Jump-Start “tax-free” zone, activating a program that provides startups and expanding businesses serious tax relief for up to eight years.

Being great in an upturn to be prepared for a downturn

In the construction industry in particular, both commercial and residential construction ended 2015 on a positive note. Construction companies had good backlog and fees have inched back up slightly from the lows in the last five years.

How Haselden Construction surpassed its founder's dreams

When Jim Haselden started his construction company in 1973, he never dreamed it would grow into the fifth-largest general contracting company on the Front Range.

Cheaters: This is how you're going to get caught

More and more often, affairs are being discovered through inadvertent use by spouses of IPads, iPhones and Apple computers that share a common Apple ID account.

How to master the business of health care

Apeksha Desai has been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years, but despite that, she still believed she lacked a grasp on the actual business of health care.

HIPAA: When does your boss get to see your exam results?

Physicians are often paid by employers to conduct drug tests, fitness-for-duty or return-to-work exams or employment physicals. The physician may mistakenly assume that they may disclose the test and exam results to the employer.without the patient’s authorization.

Should you consider a sale leaseback?

The market for sale leasebacks is the best it has been in many years. Capitalization rates are low, interest rates are very low, lenders are increasing available funds.

Employers: This guy wasn't hurt, but his lawsuit could hurt you

The Supreme Court has agreed to review the case to determine whether Congress can create a right to sue for a statutory violation where there is no actual harm. It could turn Supreme Court precedent on its head.

The impact of faster cash in Colorado

Colorado isn't a global money center like New York or San Francisco, but speeding up the exchange of cash here will still have a big impact on Colorado businesses, says UMB Bank Vice President and Senior Treasury Advisor Kari Osborne.

How to become a big-picture systems thinker

To create a clear strategic vision and to see it through to completion, you need an unobstructed—and enterprise-wide—view of the management road ahead.

The benefits of same-day payments

Money will be moving faster, now that same-day payments are on the horizon, says Kari Osborne, Vice President and Senior Treasury Advisor at UMB Bank.

Navigating the Colorado small business market

Small business is growing by leaps and bounds in Colorado, but that rapid expansion also means higher startup costs for those seeking to enter the market.
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