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Tips for radical innovation and entrepreneurship

Water Sage launched in 2013 with a challenge: 'Give me a way to understand water, land and the relationship between them by myself. Give me a solution I can use while enjoying a coffee at the kitchen counter on a Sunday morning.'

Streamlining billing and payments: Top considerations for hospitals

Partnering with a bank that has the technology know-how and capabilities to help integrate hospital and physician billing can assist with a seamless transition that benefits all stakeholders, including patients.

Is the bond market wrong?

Interest rates and stock prices tend to move in similar patterns over time, however, after a few months of treading water early this year, interest rates began a steady decline.

Employers watch as Obamacare reform stalls

As President Donald Trump confronts obstacles in his pledge to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), questions and concerns continue over what a new health-care coverage system will look like — if a new system emerges at all.

Farm Bill programs cultivate healthy forests in Colorado

Outdoor recreation generates roughly $17 billion annually according to the state’s Office of Economic Development & International Trade. Some of Colorado’s greatest assets are its forests, which many are surprised to learn are a mix of both public and private lands.

Promises, promises… 100-day check-up on Trump's presidency

In short, has President Trump been effective?

U.S. oil and gas in the near term and the impact on Colorado

What’s the near term outlook for Colorado oil and gas? The picture may be a bit cloudy if Colorado operators have hedged their production at prices seen in the recent price spike.

What does your bank know that you don’t?

Banks tend to follow the cyclical nature of the economy with more lending at the beginning of a cycle and less later in the cycle. If we look at the last recession, toward the tail end of the cycle we started to see banks tighten their criteria.

The saga of Confluence Park construction

In order to overcome unforeseen site conditions and weather fluctuations, the construction team on Confluence Park was forced to ebb and flow its resources and processes to bring the project to fruition.

The tale of the cheerleader and the protectable 2-D artwork

Courts have long held that the look and feel of a particular product design is not copyrightable under federal law, given that copyright protection does not extend to the functional or useful aspects of an article... until now.

History comes alive as Denver Metro Chamber celebrates 150 years

To celebrate 150 years as an organization, the Chamber has partnered with the Denver Public Library to host an exhibit featuring historic turning points in the city's history.

How to make your philanthropic impact right now

The traditional model says to accumulate wealth while you're alive, and then the money you leave behind can be used to make an impact. As an impact investor, you can exert influence during your lifetime and, with earnings your investments may provide, potentially increase the future impact you can make.
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