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What does your bank know that you don’t?

Banks tend to follow the cyclical nature of the economy with more lending at the beginning of a cycle and less later in the cycle. If we look at the last recession, toward the tail end of the cycle we started to see banks tighten their criteria.

The saga of Confluence Park construction

In order to overcome unforeseen site conditions and weather fluctuations, the construction team on Confluence Park was forced to ebb and flow its resources and processes to bring the project to fruition.

The tale of the cheerleader and the protectable 2-D artwork

Courts have long held that the look and feel of a particular product design is not copyrightable under federal law, given that copyright protection does not extend to the functional or useful aspects of an article... until now.

History comes alive as Denver Metro Chamber celebrates 150 years

To celebrate 150 years as an organization, the Chamber has partnered with the Denver Public Library to host an exhibit featuring historic turning points in the city's history.

How to make your philanthropic impact right now

The traditional model says to accumulate wealth while you're alive, and then the money you leave behind can be used to make an impact. As an impact investor, you can exert influence during your lifetime and, with earnings your investments may provide, potentially increase the future impact you can make.

2017 Economic forecast: Optimism and bubbles [VIDEO]

UMB Bank's chief investment officer KC Mathews asks the question: will rational bubbles become irrational in his annual economic forecast?

Three warning signs you're about to drown in a water deal

Water rights can be a great investment, but water is subject to market volatility like nearly everything else.

Everest climber mixes business and adventure in Colorado

Luis Benitez tapped to lead state's Outdoor Recreation Industry Office.

Adams State and Piton Foundation partner to offer free tax prep

Adams State University School of Business partners with Piton Foundation for eighth annual free tax prep program.

How businesses get value from open records

The myths about access to public or government data and how this information is so valuable for business

Trumponomics vs. Reaganomics: No repeating and no rhyming

President Donald Trump has outlined his pro-growth initiatives to stimulate the economy and has clearly taken a page out of former President Ronald Reagan’s playbook.

Who wins if my best employee gets deported?

Life and business aren’t a zero-sum game that requires someone else to lose in order for me to win. Doing the “legal” thing may give us a slight edge on our bottom line, but the “right” thing makes us objectively better people and objectively better businesses.
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