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Do corporate travel programs love the sharing economy?

Corporate travel can be a big cost item, and ride-sharing and accommodation services can cost 30 percent to 40 percent less than traditional transportation and accommodation costs.

Mostly good, with some pains, Denver is growing up

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Colorado unemployment has dipped to a record-low 2.3 percent. To put things into perspective, this mark has only been touched four other times by any other state in recent U.S. history.

How we're protecting Colorado's natural beauty

Western Disposal, a locally owned Boulder-based company offering environmentally conscious trash, recycling and composting services, has drafted a contributed article for ColoradoBiz comparing the sustainability of Colorado Cities in terms of waste diversion.

Has Janet Yellen fallen victim to fake news?

It seems like we have been “transitory” for many years now! We all know that we can’t be in transition forever, either the train leaves the station or it doesn’t.

The Economist: Transforming American health care

The challenges in health care are economically more complex than any other sector, and the industry is large enough to threaten our future national economic vitality.

How will Seattle’s “grand living wage experiment” impact Colorado?

How will the minimum wage hike impact Colorado's economy?

Part 2: Prepare now for state tax implications of federal tax reform

There are a number of steps a company can take to prepare itself for dealing with and managing the state-level impacts of federal tax reform.

Today’s ag climate: Tough but different from the 1980s

It may be unbelievable to read this today, but the prime rate averaged 15.3 percent in 1980. Higher interest rates almost automatically drove land prices down by the inherently lower value of the earnings that the land produced.

Taking Colorado health care back to its roots

There are many things that we can do to improve health care for Coloradans. But taking health care back to its roots with a hometown feel is an important part of it.

First of its kind data test bed supports Colorado health innovation

Key solutions to the health care conundrum appear to be innovation and entrepreneurship.

Colorado M&As highlight need for business succession plans

A business succession plan is important to have in place as early as possible in the life of the business.

Are you ready for retirement?

If the priority is retirement, establish a goal and create a plan towards retirement first and foremost.
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