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Are the unemployment numbers a lie?

Every unit of measurement is arbitrary, but only a con-artist will try and change one of them—and it will always be to prove the point he is making.

Colorado's sweet spot in the global marketplace

Globalization will likely continue to grow, and Colorado sits in a good spot, says Tom Clark, chief executive of Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.

Political economics are worth watching under Trump

In retrospect, Trump’s election should not be a surprise. It’s just that “the other side” has gained power after eight years of an equally remarkable American feat – the election of our first African American president whose power base was also grassroots in nature.

Why Bitcoin has value

Bitcoin isn’t another bank or payment processor coming up with new ways to move old dollars. Bitcoin is instead a simple and elegant replacement for the entire concept of money.

In an uncertain world, Bitcoin trumps gold

Today, we are seeing clear signs that Bitcoin is replacing gold as the safe haven currency of choice for key investors in countries all over the world. When surprises happen, people buy Bitcoin.

Don't destroy an agency for doing its job

Blaming the EPA for a poor economy or a low stock price is like blaming the Small Business Administration (SBA) for the Space Shuttle disaster. Frankly, that isn’t their department.

How learning by doing leads to success

As Colorado businesses struggle to find qualified people to fill open jobs, the state is embarking on a journey that will unite industry and educators.

How this great new law will spur Colorado’s economy

The outdoor industry received an early Christmas present this year that Colorado should be celebrating. Last week, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s bipartisan Outdoor Recreation and Jobs Economic Impact Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama.

Things have been looking up for the U.S. economy

“I have good news and I have bad news,” goes the saying, “which do you want first?” Well, that’s mostly where I feel we're sitting with the world, the economy and the markets.

Winds of change: The Great Plains' powerful new economic dynamic

No, the wind doesn’t always blow on the Great Plains. But now, when it does, somebody’s making money. The question is, can this new wealth reverse the peeling paint of the Great Plains?

Should "ballot selfies" be banned?

A Colorado state senator and a University of Denver student have filed a lawsuit challenging a state law that prohibits people from sharing photos of their complete ballots on social media.

Why Mexico matters to Colorado's economy

We have a robust and thriving relationship with our neighboring country, and it is my hope that we will continue to strengthen that relationship.
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