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Rundles Wrap Up: Not Chipping In

I get technology, and I marvel at and use its many benefits both professionally and personally.

Coalition Unites Behind Shared Vision for the West

We sat down with Lesli Allison, the executive director of the Western Landowners Alliance, an organization established to improve the ecological health and economic prosperity of working lands int he American west, to learn more about their efforts.

Colorado Finalizes Proposal to Woo Amazon HQ

Colorado provided a single proposal to Amazon representing multiple communities, sites and regional assets showcasing the state's competitive edge to support the massive corporate build-out.

Reflections: 30 Years After Black Monday

On October 19, 1987 the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 508 points, roughly 22.6 percent of its value at the time.

Colorado Proud Month Highlights Farm Families

Colorado agriculture consistently ranks as one of the state’s three leading industries, providing more than 173,000 jobs and contributing more than $40 billion annually to the state’s economy.

Traffic? Yes, but Paths Abound for Getting Around

A similar report, by online travel service RewardExpert, pegged Denver as the 10th best of the 53 largest U.S. cities to explore by bike.

Helping More Colorado Students Tap their Potential

The continued health of our state economy hinges, at least in part, on helping young people uncover and apply their potential.

Colorado Stewardship Roadmap Spurring the Economy

The State of Colorado has the dubious distinction of being host to what was once the world’s largest tire dump. Tire Mountain in Weld County at one time reportedly held 80 million scrap tires.

The Murkiness of Medicaid and Medicare

Our bank and advisors recommended that we stop accepting Medicaid patients altogether. Despite this recommendation, we still accept Medicaid and Medicare. We feel this is “right,” although perhaps not “good.”

Restaurant Industry's Back-of-House Going to Pot

In Colorado, about 18,000 people have jobs in the marijuana industry, which generated $1.1 billion in profit in 2016.

The MILL National Training Center Buzzes With Activity

School districts throughout Colorado are re-emphasizing education and training in technical trades for students with talents and interests that don't match or require the traditional four-year-degree model.

You Are Only Worth $10

More than likely your data was compromised and is now floating around the “dark web” waiting to be used by an unscrupulous criminal.
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