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First: Do no harm

There will always be profit and commerce. Perhaps the lesson in this event is remembering how to run a good business - one where no one gets hurt.

Executive wheels: The hot end of the market is cold

I was surprised, though, that the news reports indicated that the hottest sector of the market right now is small SUVs. It surprised me because I recently drove these three small SUVs, and I wasn’t impressed.

Executive wheels: The trickle effect from blah to triumph

Lexus, and in particular the IS350, proves that the Toyota motorcar company is capable of sheer excitement and leadership. But they had better get some of the excitement into the Toyota line.

A more sustainable – and just – future for Colorado

Sustainability can – and should – be universal. The U.S. Green Building Council Colorado made it a cornerstone of its 2017 Rocky Mountain Green Conference – the largest gathering of green building professionals in the region.

Hemp industry professionalized and celebrated in Northern Colorado

Colorado’s first-mover advantage will likely keep it at the hemp industry’s forefront, at least for the foreseeable future.

The future of work: Offices are changing, and for the better

A dynamic work environment shapes the employee experience. Morgan says the design of a space can greatly influence collaboration and productivity.

How many planes do women have to fly?

Women are running billion dollar companies, increasingly becoming successful entrepreneurs, and earning more college degrees than men. What will it take to move beyond the myths so that everyone and every business achieves their full potential?

Colorado tops the list of places for women business owners

Founder's latest report shows Colorado at the No. 9 spot for states that support women business owners.

Five lessons from coworking culture – How to attract and keep talent

People are more efficient, more productive, and generally much happier overall. Here are a few simple ways to borrow from “coworking culture” and improve your space.

The good, the bad and the jobless

Post-college life is a challenging time of transition. Here are the things I wish I learned in my college capstone.

SportsBiz: The net gain of baseball

But if you’re a baseball fan, here’s some free advice. Bring a glove to the game, watch every pitch, and keep your cell phone in your pocket. Because Brad Hawpe may be retired. But foul balls are forever.

How Veterans Are Changing the Economy in the 21st Century

General George Casey shares war stories and employment advice at WeWork Union Station.
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