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Adams State and Piton Foundation partner to offer free tax prep

Adams State University School of Business partners with Piton Foundation for eighth annual free tax prep program.

Arts and culture in Colorado inspire generosity in 2017 [VIDEO]

CBCA's 2017 philanthropy award celebrates organizational support for the arts throughout Colorado.

A showcase of local leadership making strides in the arts [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA John Madden, Jr. Leadership Award finalists and winners describe the projects they've taken on to blend business and the arts and build community.

Konnexe, niche social platform for tech executives, makes debut

Konnexe app launches in Denver to connect IT professionals.

How businesses get value from open records

The myths about access to public or government data and how this information is so valuable for business

The economic impact of the arts exemplified in 2017 [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA Impact Award finalists and winners share their arts influences and endeavors.

How does Colorado stack up in the hard cider industry? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As of 2017, there are 21 cider producers in Colorado, up from just one in 2008. See the growth of this industry over the years. [Infographic]

2017 EY Next Wave Leadership Award paints the creative economy of the future [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA EY Next Wave Leadership Award finalist and winner divulge their creative inspirations.

Business acts as catalyst for creative economy – 2017 CBCA Create award [VIDEO]

The 2017 CBCA Create Award finalists share their creative inspirations and commitments.

2017: The year pot’s Rocky Mountain high ends

Colorado is at a tipping point for pot industry. There will be far ranging impacts to the marijuana industry as more states come online, such as California. And though we had a first mover advantage, Colorado will no longer be the major player in the industry.

Why so few women in Colorado tech?

Re-entry into the field after a hiatus and the bro culture attributed to lack of women in tech sector.

When is old actually old? The mystique of age

Aging is completely relative and affected by many factors, but if you find it creeping into your consciousness, take action.
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