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Saving Our Forests Before They All Go Up in Smoke

As wildfires have increased in regularity and severity, U.S. Forest Service firefighting costs have grown significantly, now consuming more than 50 percent of the annual budget, an increase of nearly 35 percent over the last two decades.

Laying the Groundwork for America’s Energy Future

For decades, the oil and natural gas industry has served as one of Colorado’s strongest economic engines.

Investing a Lump Sum by Nightfall

Psychological research and behavioral evidence have demonstrated that humans typically regret losses at least twice as much as they appreciate similar-sized gains. We are “loss-averse.”

Making a Wise Investment in the Wine Industry

Colorado's wine industry has been steadily growing for years; there are now 146 producers in the state. It is estimated that the contribution of the Colorado wine industry to our local economy is around $21.1 million from direct wine sales. Setting aside the pleasure many of us get from drinking it, should we consider investing in wine and how do we go about doing so?

A Hometown Hero Emerges From a Telluride Experiment

Rather than competing with outdoor brand meccas like Ogden, Utah –home to Salomon, Black Diamond and countless more – Telluride uses TVA to reveal the local entrepreneurial support network that Western Rise and others like it are looking for.

Colorado's oil and gas industry responds to Hurricane Harvey

For some local perspective, the six Colorado companies Drillinginfo could identify with operations in the path of Harvey with offices in Denver

The secret behind Trump's economy: Absolutely nothing

Aside from cutting a few regulations, tweets about the economy, and some blustery comments about cutting taxes, there has been no clear economic policy or action coming from the White House.

The economics of gender equity in Colorado

Gender equality does not mean that men and women are the same – rather it means that their “opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female.”

An economics lesson in Social Security

What is wrong with the Social Security system that is leading to these issues?

Think we're out of the mortgage mess?

With all this talk of subprime defaults, how does this impact you? Are there steps you can take to identify if your neighborhood is at risk?

Biochar industry grows as new uses identified

“Biochar has very promising long-term potential,” says John-Paul Maxfield. “Success in that regard requires market demand, and we wanted to help be part of that solution.”

The role of startups in the economy

Because startups are more nimble, they provide economic flexibility and dynamism necessary for a thriving and responsive economy.
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