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Want something more in your life?


I hear it all the time. I want something more in my life.

Perhaps you long for a bigger presence in a role or field that you’re already in today. It might be the new job that just got posted or an entirely new career path calling to you. You may have a budding idea whose time is right. Or, you may not even know what it is calling you – you just know you’re looking for the next chapter in your life. 

These whisperings are calling you to step onto a bigger platform, to follow a dream, to make a difference. It’s an inner knowing that there is something bigger to do in your life.  

Yet so often these callings become dormant beneath the day-to-day rhythm of crazy busy lives. Balancing work, family, 60+ hour work weeks and rarely turning the noise in life off. The outer noise is always on with little to no time to discover and open the door to your calling.

We claim that the time is not right and suddenly we feel stuck and exasperated and don’t know how we got to this place.

Today, I invite you to slow down and consider two powerful questions:

  • Who are you called to be? This question asks you how you want to show up in your days and your life. Contemplate who you are at your very best. Ponder how you want to be remembered. Write down the words that paint this vision of who you are called to be.
  • What work are you called to do? Ask yourself how you want to spend your days. When do you feel over the moon and fully alive? Consider the people around you and how you will impact others. Write down how you want to matter in the world.

These transformational questions are a catalyst to awaken your inner knowing. Oftentimes it takes work and diligence to find clarity to your answers. For this is big life pondering that can shape your entire future. It can help you step into a passionate, meaningful life full of vitality and purpose.

Follow this journey and your world will open. There is no greater gift to you and to those in your life. You will be a shining example of really living life to its fullest. Is that not a model of life you’d like to portray? Is that not a life you’d like to be living?

Yet the road to following your calling is not always straight and smooth. Here’s what I know about these potent callings:

  1. You are feeling a calling now, because it is yours and yours alone. Your journey has prepared you for them. You have the tools and resources to listen and build. It will feel like a stretch and it will feel uncomfortable. It is a calling to step into a bigger platform of your life. To play big.
  2. Your self-critic shows up in a big way when you get a calling for something more.  She will tell you you’re not smart enough, clever enough or strategic enough. She will throw you into a swirl of scarcity-thinking: not enough resources and not enough time. Your self-critic is wrong.
  3. Fear feeds your claim that “the time’s not right.” You may push fear aside and ignore it. You may even say it’s not there. When you step into your fear and become intimately connected to it, you can transform the energy of fear into an energy of courage. A fire that can’t stop you.   

Finally, your callings shine a spotlight on your gifts that you’re meant to share with the world.

Several years ago, a mentor said to me. “Your gift is meant to matter and today… right now… there are people who need your gift. Who are you to withhold this from the world?” That hit me hard. It gave me new courage. And so I ask you, “Your gift is meant to matter and today… right now… there are people who need your gift. Who are you to withhold this from the world?”

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Kami Guildner

Kami Guildner is a life and leadership empowerment coach helping women around the world “Live Out Loud” into a passionate and meaningful life. Her boutique coaching agency, Syzygy™, guides her clients to connect to their inner gifts, discover new meaning and new paths, and step into intentional action fueled with vitality and courage. In addition, Kami founded Extraordinary Women Connect™ – a series of intimate events for wildly successful women connecting in meaning, purpose and shared support. For more information visit Kami’s Website at www.syzygy-co.com or contact her at kami@syzygy-co.com.

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