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Tech Startup: JStar synchronizes with your house and all the gadgets inside

Denver-based JSTAR’s “black box” acts as nerve center to automate connected devices. The system can be programmed for daily routines and adjust to users’ lifestyles.

Denver coding school offers exclusive "toe in the water" tech learning opportunity

Try Turing provides one- to two-day coding courses so individuals get real-life experience before shifting careers.

The 78 skills that will be most difficult to automate

Robots are coming. They’re coming with or without our blessing, and in shapes and forms we can’t even imagine. But they also come with limits, limits that we will soon discover along the way.
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U.S. oil and gas in the near term and the impact on Colorado

What’s the near term outlook for Colorado oil and gas? The picture may be a bit cloudy if Colorado operators have hedged their production at prices seen in the recent price spike.

What does your bank know that you don’t?

Banks tend to follow the cyclical nature of the economy with more lending at the beginning of a cycle and less later in the cycle. If we look at the last recession, toward the tail end of the cycle we started to see banks tighten their criteria.

The saga of Confluence Park construction

In order to overcome unforeseen site conditions and weather fluctuations, the construction team on Confluence Park was forced to ebb and flow its resources and processes to bring the project to fruition.
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MoreReal Estate

The slumps and surges at western mountain resorts

It has been an unpredictable and erratic season as both the weather and geopolitical forces created some interesting dynamics that shaped destination visitors mountain travel behavior.

Ripe for disruption, real estate industry has room for innovation

In order for Denver to lay claim to being the real estate disruption capital of the world, standard disruption elements must fall into place.

2017: The year pot’s Rocky Mountain high ends

Colorado is at a tipping point for pot industry. There will be far ranging impacts to the marijuana industry as more states come online, such as California. And though we had a first mover advantage, Colorado will no longer be the major player in the industry.
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Hemp industry professionalized and celebrated in Northern Colorado

Colorado’s first-mover advantage will likely keep it at the hemp industry’s forefront, at least for the foreseeable future.

The future of work: Offices are changing, and for the better

A dynamic work environment shapes the employee experience. Morgan says the design of a space can greatly influence collaboration and productivity.

How many planes do women have to fly?

Women are running billion dollar companies, increasingly becoming successful entrepreneurs, and earning more college degrees than men. What will it take to move beyond the myths so that everyone and every business achieves their full potential?
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