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Three tips for businesses to improve energy conservation

Despite the substantial energy consumption of commercial buildings in the United States, technologies that focus on clean energy sustainability are being developed in order to increase energy conservation and improve sustainability to better protect future generations.

17 wildcards that will impact the future of electricity

The future of electricity can best be broken into four fundamental categories – power generation, power distribution, electric storage, and changes in demand.

Have we reached peak electricity usage?

Ten years ago the trajectory for electrical use in America peaked and started on a different course, declining for reasons we don’t fully understand yet.
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MoreEconomy & Politics

How to stay cool as markets heat up

This season, temperatures may be hot, but the fundamentals of the economy are cool as a cucumber.

Do corporate travel programs love the sharing economy?

Corporate travel can be a big cost item, and ride-sharing and accommodation services can cost 30 percent to 40 percent less than traditional transportation and accommodation costs.

Mostly good, with some pains, Denver is growing up

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Colorado unemployment has dipped to a record-low 2.3 percent. To put things into perspective, this mark has only been touched four other times by any other state in recent U.S. history.
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MoreReal Estate

Inventory remains top of mind in sizzling housing market

Instantaneous streams of offers and acute pressure on our infrastructure are all real concerns to the market overall, but perhaps the most important fact: a paralyzing lack of housing inventory.

3 ways to profit from the Colorado real estate boom

Three trends spotted in the hundreds of calls we get from buyers and sellers every day.

From neglected to celebrated – Stanley Market goes full throttle

Commerce is impacting the neighborhood in more ways than one. Housing prices, for example, have spiked in Aurora’s northwest corridor.
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How to weather the financial implications of a divorce smartly

Divorce is a transition that offers many options in terms of selling and splitting assets. Be sure to do your research and talk to your advisors about which options best suit your situation.

Student-led startups see progress during Pioneering Summer program

From June through August, students interned, refined and grew their startups, and received mentorship, guidance and candid feedback from 19 experts, entrepreneurial founders and business leaders within Colorado’s innovation ecosystem.

A match made in Colorado

As the market continues to expand and stigmas evaporate for singles seeking love online, Colorado's gotten in on a piece of the action, with several startups launching apps for like-minded local love affairs.
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