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Denver coding school offers exclusive "toe in the water" tech learning opportunity

Try Turing provides short-term curriculum for real-life career-shift experiment



Have you ever had the urge to shift gears and dramatically shift your career? It happens to all of us from time to time. Signing up to become a ski instructor in Aspen, becoming a surf pro in Maui, a Broadway star or maybe a computer programmer all present exciting (and sometimes, even lucrative opportunities.

But how can you make an informed decision and quit a perfectly reasonable day job, throw caution to the wind and jump head-first into a new career. If you're trying to become a professional sword-swallowing circus performer, baby steps might not be an option; but if you're asking yourself if you have the aptitude to get into the smoking hot technology field, one coding school in downtown Denver might have a "toe in the water" solutions.

  Try Turing is a one- to two-day program. Each day focuses on one of two programs, front-end and back-end programming.

“Try Turing is for anyone who is interested in learning how to code, but not sure if a seven-month developer training program is right for them,” said Romeeka Gayhart, an instructor with Turing teaching the course. “[This] can give them a chance to get a feel for what a day or week in the life of a Turing student might be like.”

The day-long program gives students a chance to work with front-end web development technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Participants can be expected to create, style and add interactivity to their web pages. The goal is, by the end of the day, individuals who attend the course will be competent enough programmers to build a game from scratch that runs in the browser.

“Culture and values are extremely important to the success of our cohorts,” said Jorge Tellez, director of operations at Turing. “This is a great way to learn about our community and culture, mission and values, and see if prospective students connect with our community.”

The program is designed for people of all skill levels – from computer science degree-holders to those who just bought their first computers last week. Participants do not need to prepare anything, just bring their computers.

Individuals who complete the course and decide to apply to the Turing School will be able to skip the application and move immediately to the interview portion of the admissions process. They will also receive $500 off the cost of your tuition if accepted. An opportunity like Try Turing is a great way to give coding a try in a safe environment with others who are also a little bit skeptical or scared, and instructors who have been teaching for years.

"One day isn't enough to turn people into professional programmers, but you can get a peek into what the work is all about," said Jeff Casimir, Turing's founder.

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