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Posted: January 10, 2013

Thirteen resolutions for prosperity in 2013

The last seven

Steve Sorensen

(Editor's note: Read the first six.)

Engage your community. Leaders have a responsibility to go beyond our four walls and get involved with our community. You don’t have to be Gandhi, and most often it’s the small things, like coaching a softball team, or simply buying their uniforms. Find a worthwhile charity and give a percentage of your net profits. You won’t miss the money and the rewards are manifold. 

Take a look at your value proposition.   The greatest strength of a small organization is its ability to be nimble. No matter how large or small your organization one must never give up on its ability to quickly adapt to a continual shifting marketplace.  What may have been a terrific value proposition a few years ago could be the anchor now holding your company back. Do your people and customers understand what your value prop is and do they care? Make sure everyone understands your “brand” and what you consistently deliver.

Take time to have fun, sing in the car…more air guitar. I’ve yet to see someone start a business without passion. The fire goes out because we forget to have fun. We start calling what we do a “job." Get in touch with your mojo. If you’re not in the right situation, change it -- you’re the only one who can. We can still continue to build a rock star company, but only if we accept the fact that it’s got to be fun if your company is going to thrive.

Get out of your way and understand a bigger purpose for yourself.  I find it astounding that we reach a certain plateau with our career and get stuck. We get comfy, bunny slippers on, coasting. We even know we’re stuck but choose to remain so. Why? There are so many avenues of self-growth, learning opportunities, teaching opportunities, becoming mentors.  If you’re a walking encyclopedia of business acumen, teach at university, mentor startups, volunteer at a high school business club. Get out there and share the wealth. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable again. It starts a growth cycle that in turn creates a wealth of opportunities to regain our purpose and passion.

Get fit, stay fit.  When I coach executives one of our first discussions centers around healthy mind, body and soul. I often find that my people are a heart attack waiting to happen. Stress, conflict and fear compound at an alarming rate within us; it manifests itself in the way we lead, manage and engage our people, family and friends. Decide to stick around for awhile, get healthy, mentally, physically and within your spirit. Read, learn, expand, challenge yourself.

Stop knowing and allow wisdom to take its place. There have been many instances in my numerous years of leading large business units, mentoring people, teaching college and being a father that have ended with my being humbled. The lesson(s) I needed to learn were the difference between “my span of control and my sphere of influence."  So you can avoid the many landmines I’ve discovered, take these steps. One, give up control, you’ve never had it and never will, it’s only through our ability to influence that we get things done effectively and demonstrate our abilities as a transformational leader. It’s the wisdom, not the knowledge we give, that will allow us and those around us to grow. Step two, understand that knowledge is fleeting and changes constantly. Just when we think we’re so knowledgeable/all knowing/arrogant, it follows in short order with our being humbled. Knowledge tries to control due to its very nature. Wisdom seeks many points of view, wisdom knows many heads are better than one. We can teach knowledge, we become wise.

Celebrate, rejoice and understand the power of gratitude. Nothing speaks to success like celebrating our wins. Our trials may be simple or complex, but a win is a win. In addition, gratitude is one of the most powerful forces igniting success I’ve discovered. We humans, no matter what station in life, what circumstances we’re trying to overcome, have reason to be grateful. Whether it’s the gratitude of the beauty of this earth we inhabit, the smiles of our children or the food on our table….rejoice, we’re blessed with riches every day. Gratitude and celebration cost nothing and give much and ultimately are returned to us.

Steve Sorensen has spent more than 30 years helping companies achieve a competitive advantage by improving their sales strategy. Steve's experience includes Vice-President of a Fortune 500 company, Manager of Corporate Accounts for a Fortune 500 company and Western States/Western Canada Regional Sales Manager. As president of Enlighten-360, LLC, Steve uses his wealth of experience to help companies achieve increased revenue and velocity of growth through improved sales strategies. He can be reached at 720.343.0033 or


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