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Jeff Rundles is a former editor of ColoradoBiz and a regular columnist. Email him at

Articles by Jeff Rundles

Executive wheels: VW’s simple standout
The Tiguan should have more fans

Rundles wrap up: The ever-higher cost of higher education

Executive wheels: Meet the new New Beetle
Same as the old Jetta

Executive wheels: Subaru’s Mary Poppins mobile
Practically perfect in (almost) every way

Executive wheels: The VW enigma
All I can say is, "Why?"

Executive wheels: Kia’s SUV stand out
And my excellent Michigan adventure

Executive wheels: A really nice Note
Nissan's tiny car has a big feel

Rundles wrap up: Prepare for fracking fatigue
The new "F" word

Executive wheels: One fitful, one fit for a king
My AWD rides

Executive wheels: The dreamy Durango
A beast worth the bucks

Rundles wrap up: Gluten, gluten, gluten
These days health benefits sell – a lot.

Executive wheels: BMW does the coupe
One winner, one why bother?

Executive wheels: Audi’s clean diesel
Great, but a little pricey for what’s here

Rundles wrap up: The business world is getting smarter
... thanks to women

High standards in the spotlight
Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance primed for 22nd awards program

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