Sam Dobbins

Sam Dobbins is the founder and president of the Cold Call King Training Company, formed in 2004.  He is an active member of Business Marketing Association-Denver. Learn more at Reach Sam at or (303) 954-8553.

Articles by Sam Dobbins

Courage to pick up the phone
Tips to handle the inevitable fear

The disqualified “yes”
Look for red flags

Sales reality check: Excuses, excuses
Is there really a bad time to pick up the phone?

Seven reasons cold calling will never die
It's about relationships

Top sales tips for the follow-up
It's where the bucks are

The dialing for dollars game
It's fun and profitable

Teleprospecting: The bridge between marketing & sales
What it is, and what it isn't

Cold-call lessons from your garden
Approach it like you would weeding

Top 10 cold-calling mistakes
Even pros do these

Cold-calling from the heart
Do it for a happier, healthier you

Easy steps to sales success
Use high-probability tele-prospecting

Selling with the right brain
Five reasons why it works

Is your company’s sales “Maserati” gathering dust?
Put that marketing database to good use

Buyer, buyer, pants on fire
Don't waste your energy on the disinterested

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