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  • Do your best where you are

    What do you want to be when you grow up?  Almost everyone was asked at least once while a child. Some of us are ...

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  • The futurist: Countdown to the crash

    The invasion of high-frequency trading machines is now forcing capitalism far away from anything either Adam Smith or the founders of the NYSE could possibly ...

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  • Answering the access to capital question

    A $62 million Colorado Impact Fund – the state’s first private equity fund specifically designed to provide growth capital to entrepreneurs who drive both ...

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  • Six strategies for a rewarding life

    This is graduation time. Students, family, and friends are gathering around the world to commemorate the awarding of a degree or diploma to graduates. So ...

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  • If you have a strategy – tell me what it is!

    “Why will people buy from you versus your competition?” I asked a CEO. He recently went through a “strategic planning” process, ...

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  • Seven reasons cold calling will never die

    Did you know that most people lie? They don't mean to, of course. They're usually very busy and don't want to spend ...

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  • Drama works at the office

    On the day when I wished her good luck, and she tearfully explained why she was leaving, I had no idea what havoc she had ...

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  • The power of the Japanese handshake

    If it comes to an exit – either a resignation or termination – taking the high road is always best. To accept the resignation of ...

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  • 2014 Top 10 Most Powerful Salespeople

    Sure, these charismatic folks know how to network their tails off and could probably sell the Brooklyn Bridge to a New York native. But being ...

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  • Real estate: Labor pains

    Cranes dotting the skyline are a sure sign that Colorado’s construction industry and overarching economy is improving from the devastation of the 2007-2009 ...

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Do your best where you are

You will be able to pursue your passion -- eventually

By Helen Raleigh

Four roadblocks to weight loss

Silent sabotage can derail your efforts

By the Vail Vitality Center

(1) Reader Responses

The futurist: Countdown to the crash

The power of Artificial Intelligence to destroy the stock market

By Thomas Frey

(1) Reader Responses

Answering the access to capital question

$62 million Colorado Impact Fund launches

By Gigi Sukin

Green Colorado 2014: Consumer business

By Maria Martin & Nora Caley

More on involving the kids in saving for college

Help prepare them for future success

By Jeff Nelligan

Perfect—and improving

The time to better yourself and your business is now

By Gary Harvey

The Economist: Things aren’t always what they seem…

...so look behind the headlines

By Tucker Hart Adams

Six strategies for a rewarding life

Success is self-determined

By Theresa M. Szczurek

Saving for college

Get the kids involved

By Jeff Nelligan

If you have a strategy – tell me what it is!

Where will you compete, and why will you win?

By Todd Ordal

Readers Respond

Four roadblocks to weight loss

A printer friendly version would be great ! jk By Jean Kane on 2014 07 13

The futurist: Countdown to the crash

Worshiping at the Altar of Technology can be as reality distorting as any other myths humans have created. I did not see the depth of automated trading problems until you explained. Unfortunately, most proposed "solutions" are tainted by political, trade, or economic propaganda. By john Tahoe on 2014 07 10

Rundles wrap up: Prepare for fracking fatigue

Great article! Wonderful that fracking creates so many jobs. I am not sure how those people will be able to work when there is no planet to go to work on. Really? We are told fracking is good because it creates jobs. So go ahead, destroy the environment as long as we make money! Totally illogical thinking. Greed over everything in this country, including the health of the planet and the people living on it. By Elizabeth on 2014 07 10

Drama works at the office

"How to avoid becoming 'that girl'"? Would have been better to say "that person", I have known males that have caused the same havoc. Gossip is something that hurts the company at all levels, and it appears to be gender inclusive. By Debbie on 2014 07 08

Crafty bean scene

City Bakery Cafe mentioned above, uses ink! Coffee. ink! is a Roaster/Retailer founded in 1994 with 10 Specialty coffee cafes and numerous wholesale accounts. It is a major partner of Socially Conscious Coffee, a program supporting coffee harvesters children in Brazil. By keith on 2014 07 08

Crafty bean scene

28 years ago, one of my first clients was a woman who complained to me that her Italian home espresso machine couldn't create the same Americano she got from the local barista. Her beans were high quality, fresh and ground to perfection. The mechanical elements of her conveyance worked without a hitch. Missing key ingredient: pure water. By The Big Drip on 2014 07 07

2014 Top 10 Most Powerful Salespeople

Positive. Positive. Positive. Stay positive. That's the common thread running through all of these fantastic case studies, in addition to being very introspective after a loss. Good advice all around! By Andrew Bowen, APR on 2014 07 07

Crafty bean scene

Can't wait to try the coffee/beer fusion. And I like what Philip had to say about the social impact of coffee and the importance of the human element. By Ted on 2014 07 04

Drama works at the office

I think salary secrecy is an attempt to avoid some of the drama in the work place as opposed to keeping anybody down on the pay scale. In many businesses, its very seldom that any two people do the exact same job or have the exact same responsibilities. And face it, everyone does not perform at the same level. There are numerous sources for employees to find out what kind of pay ranges there are in the market place. They have the option of negotiating a better wage or leaving for greener pastures. If the compensation is acceptable to the employee for the job performed, what difference does it make what someone else in the company is paid? By John Gimple on 2014 07 02

Drama works at the office

As a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of leading a drama-free workplace but rather than "dissing" a former employee for revealing her compensation to co-workers, why not embrace the opportunity to have a frank discussion with remaining employees? It seems like a great opportunity to open a discussion about developing skills, increasing productivity, and giving clients/customers more value. By Casey on 2014 07 02
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