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  • Hiring trends on the horizon

    Forecasters were predicting better job growth for 2014, and March’s recent jobs report showed that the U.S. now has more private sector jobs ...

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  • First of four myths about business success:

    Barbie. What better symbol of bland perfection? Perfect hair. Perfect make-up, perky boobs, great fashion.  If she could talk, she would always say exactly ...

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  • Failure Hall of Fame

     If you’ve got talent or at least a good dose of determination at whatever stirs your motivation, then you will naturally try ...

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  • Connecting the arts and business

    From startups to Fortune 100 companies, a growing number of businesses are leveraging creativity to rethink, restructure and reposition their leadership, collaboration, communication and innovation. To ...

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Hiring trends on the horizon

Employers are still cautious

By Lauren Sveen

First of four myths about business success:

You have nothing to learn from Barbie

By Jane Miller

(1) Reader Responses

Failure Hall of Fame

Check out its famous members

By Esty Atlas

Five tips for public speaking success

Take a breath. Or two.

By Gale Dunlap

(3) Reader Responses

The futurist: More of 162 future jobs

Big data, crafted houses, 3D printing

By Thomas Frey

Five critical career skills

Lessons from a week in the courtroom

By Shawna Simcik

The futurist: The first 47 of 162 jobs of the future

Plus 14 hot new skills

By Thomas Frey

Top seven tips for savvy talent selection

It's the human business

By Mary Kaiser

Reaffirming your passionate purpose

Four steps to making it happen

By Theresa M. Szczurek

Seven ways to jumpstart your job search

Advice for the long-term unemployed

By Shawna Simcik

Readers Respond

Close your mouth to close the sale

Thanks Liz for your insight. I try so hard to be a better listener. I can tell right away when I am not. I hear myself formulating my answers before someone is done talking. I catch myself and pay attention. By Marlene on 2014 04 23

10 ways to handle online reputation management

There's a free service I use to somewhat influence and manage the results that come up for a Google search on your name. Thought I'd share it with you and your readers. Give https://brandyourself.com/ a try. (PS. I do not work for them.) They also offer a concierge premium service but I haven't tried that. By Pashmina Lalchandani on 2014 04 23

Close your mouth to close the sale

Great Article........as you stated, Listening is key in building trust and creating a solid foundation to a business relationship. I can always improve in my listening skills. By Sam Dobbins on 2014 04 23

Improving our nation’s health care system

erin, you are to young to remember health care before the medicare/medicade debacle passed by congress when lbj was pres. if you want to improve health care repeal the aca and med/med from the year 1965. then understand that medicine providers i.e. DOCTORS are to be able to earn as much as they want just like you and me. I also recommend you read THE DEATH OF A PROFESSION:MEDICINE BY LEONARD PEIKOFF. By jerry wigutow on 2014 04 22

Don't Dodd-Frank your business

Succinct and insightful. By Dennis Brovarone on 2014 04 21

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