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How to free the great leader inside you

If we are triggered to react emotionally to our colleagues and team members, we may overlook the ways we can support each other’s success. We have a choice to proceed differently, but often don’t recognize it.

Why difficult employees are worth the trouble

I started writing this piece with the idea that Ike was a good example of someone you didn’t want on your team — stretching, if not breaking, the rules. But I think my example perhaps proves just the opposite.

How to be an intentional salesperson

In sales, we want to make a strong impact on our audience as well, yet rarely do we think beyond our words or slides.
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Invest in the potential of Denver students

When businesses become actively engaged with the educational system, and all students (especially those who might otherwise be overlooked for—or unaware of—key opportunities) are given the chance to expand their work-based learning opportunities, everybody wins.

Is the pot industry doomed in Denver?

The large cost advantages for non-metro producers will allow lower price points for a comparable quality product. These large price drops will have a huge impact on growers with much higher fixed costs; as a result, they ultimately will be unable to compete.

Drones in the field: Farmers say they're ready for takeoff

After 28 years as a crop consultant in Colorado, Maya Kuile-Miller of Cactus Hill Ag Consulting in the San Luis Valley is looking forward to a technology that may just save her knees.
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Opposite attract: Why entrepreneurs need financial planning

There's a business market where two philosophies clash: the old school thinking of the financial planning industry and the dynamic thinking of entrepreneurs. Marrying the two philosophies isn't easy, but it is necessary.

Evolution of a startup: How to build your business to scale

The early days of running a startup can be a frenzied time. But it’s during the early days that you, as an entrepreneur, are able to put in place the processes that will keep the business moving and growing in the years to come.

My decision-making strategy: The 30-day tryout

I’ve made a lot of major decisions in my life – both personal and professional. For the professional ones, I’ve come up with an approach that I now use consistently. I try on the decision for a period of time.
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Colorado Companies to Watch 2016: Medical disruptors

Here are the medical disruptors named in Colorado Companies to Watch's class of 2016.

Grateful Bread takes baguettes to a new level

There are Dead Heads ... and then there are bread heads. Though carb-loading is the habit we love to hate in true 21st century, health-centric fashion, Grateful Bread’s baguettes, pretzel buns and lavender sourdough boules are worth the indulgence.

How Colorado Companies to Watch 2016 reinvent real estate

These Colorado Companies to Watch 2016 winners are re-thinking, reinventing and re-imagining the real estate space.

Colorado Companies to Watch 2016: Making it in the mountains

In 2002, serial entrepreneur Chris Renner and his wife, Shannon, found themselves facing a decision: He had just cashed out of the Texas internet company he founded, leaving them free to live anywhere in the world. They chose Breckenridge.

Colorado Companies to Watch 2016 tackle snacks and disasters

Here are the Colorado Companies to Watch 2016 winners from the "Taste Sensations" and "Clean-up Crews" categories.
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  • 46th annual Cherry Creek North Sidewalk Sale


    Sizzling deals, 4 days only. Get it while it’s haute! Shoponistas, it is time to hit the pavement for the hottest deals in town. The 46th...

  • Junior Achievement Charity Ascent


    Transworld Business Advisors of Denver is proud to announce the second annual Charity Ascent 14er hike supporting Junior Achievement-Rocky...

  • 2016 NCHRA Biennial Conference


    NCHRA 2016 BIENNIAL CONFERENCE The Northern Colorado Human Resource Association is holding its 2016 biennial conference to bring HR and business...

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