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“Why will people buy from you versus your competition?” I asked a CEO. He recently went through a “strategic planning” process, so the question seemed reasonable. He couldn’t answer it. Some of you reading this can’t either. More often than not, CEOs believe they have a strategy, but when asked to articulate it, it turns into a loose speech that doesn’t really answer where they compete and why they’ll win. If you’re a CEO, walk the hallways and ask people these two questions: “What is our market?” and “Why will people buy from us rather than someone else?” If you can’t clearly answer them, they won’t be able to either. And if they can’t answer them, how will they make the critical decisions necessary to move the company forward? By Todd Ordal

As mass mobile access has grown ever more ubiquitous, location and time have become invaluable data points for businesses to vie for a place in the market. Perhaps that explains Perry Evans’ most recent startup success.  The founding executive of Colorado-based companies including Mapquest, Jabber and Local Matters, launched Closely in 2011 and secured $3 million in Series A funding led by Joe Zell of Grotech Ventures in March. By Gigi Sukin

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The aphorism, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” is doubly true of businesses dedicated to preserving or improving the health and wellness of the planet. These companies not only positively impact the environment; they encourage others to do so, and a growing number of them go well beyond recycling paper and turning off the lights. “I think nationally you are seeing a lot of big corporations say they are becoming greener because they know it is popular,” said Lyn Halliday, president and CEO of Environmental Solution. By Maria Martin and Nora Caley 

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ColoradoBiz's Gigi Sukin talks with UMB Bank's Eric Craine, senior vice president of Consumer Services, about what customers expect from their bank.

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