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There is some irony in the fact that an administration recognized for having run the most digitally savvy political campaigns in history should now be shipwrecked on the rocks of technical difficulties. One can certainly empathize with the President’s predicament regarding the failures of the new HealthCare.gov website, and there are a number of lessons to be learned. By David Heitman

In search of a great exit: Part I
For more than 27 years, RVC has advanced Economic Development in the Rocky Mountain Region by connecting investors, service providers and entrepreneurs.  Since 2012, for example, RVC companies have raised $23 million, and that amount is growing.  Many times, the beginning for a firm includes acquiring funding.  But this is not enough.  It's never too early to envision and attract the right exit for your firm. By Theresa Szczurek
After closing the books on a forgettable year, the Avalanche returned to the ice with a legend in the coach’s box and a much-improved vibe among the fan base, if anecdotal chatter means anything. I know this because the guy at the neighborhood liquor store was practically salivating the other day about going to the Oct. 4 home opener against Nashville, and my Facebook friends are ga-ga over the Avs early in the campaign. By Stewart Schley

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Looking at the past can help inform the future, and it’s a good time to look at the trends coming our way in 2014. How will advances in technology impact the business world and HR processes? How will the rise of a global marketplace change the way people are hired? How will the need for more diverse and skilled workers affect the hiring process? Here are some HR trends to consider as we move into the new year. By Pat Greer
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