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   Best of ColoradoBiz 2013
After asking the Internet, I learned that ‘engaged employees’ are those staff members who feel good about the company they work for. And ‘engaging’ them reminds ‘em to like their job without a bump in pay. I think I get it. We renamed “happy workers” because fresh phrasing is fun. The real issue hasn’t changed with the new name though, has it? What we’re really after is workers who care as much about the business as the owner does. By David Sneed

Mad Men's top four bad business behaviors
While much of the bad behavior exhibited by Don Draper & Co. has lessened in this day and age (or at least it's less obvious) what struck me most about the much-anticipated premiere of Mad Men was how little some business behavior has changed.  The same types of mistakes are being made – perhaps in a less egregious manner -  but if you look around many sales organizations, you can occasionally spot them.  And they can still cause as much trouble as Don Draper on a bender. By Julie Hansen
Need funding to bring your latest invention to market or to open a second location for your popular pizza parlor? Rather than go to the bank, you can now ask a bunch of strangers to send you money…and many of them will. Crowdfunding is different from traditional sources of funding in several ways. By Gale Dunlap

   ColoradoBiz EXTRA 
I tell my kids to “try” things all the time: try some sushi, try using your chopsticks, try not to smear wasabi on your sister.  They’re on the younger side, so I try to give them the benefit of the doubt as these requests are new territory for them. But as adults and more importantly, as employees, should we “try,” or should we just be able to do what is asked of us? By Laura Cook Newman
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