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Large, successful organizations can be great educational environments for the advancing leader to build business intelligence, particularly if there’s a formal program for leadership development. However, they can also be a dark alley, forcing people to stay between the lines and become a functional expert without broad knowledge. Midmarket companies, those beyond the entrepreneurial stage but well short of the Fortune 500, can be wonderful places to grow and prosper as a leader, whether CEO or a level or two below. But it’s likely not programmed for you, so you have to program it for yourself. By Todd Ordal

Since 1994, TechWise has provided consulting services to domestic and international customers in the safety and security, defense, emergency response and crisis management domains, integrating strategy, systems and education to improve performance. Customer advocacy is a key progress engine for TechWise, ultimately encouraging clients to be self-sustainable. Noting that customers were so impressed with the quality of its software design and product integration training, TechWise received industry referrals and opted to open a technical training school. By Gigi Sukin

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For this new crypto-bank, it was the perfect crypto-gadget to draw attention to their crypto-currency. Similar to traditional banks, account holders could apply for home mortgages, car loans, and establish retirement accounts. But unlike today’s highly monitored, highly regulated banking world, the Central Bank of Bitcoin’s charter was to be more of an anti-central bank, serving as a pass-through shell without taking ownership of the currency, but rigorously guarding the anonymity of the accounts and transactions. By Tom Frey

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Aaron Harber wraps up  his chat with Ken Buck, GOP candidate for Colorado's 4th Congressional District.


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