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Subconscious manipulation is all around us.  Most companies call this “marketing”.  One of the worst – or best? – offenders of subliminal marketing are restaurant menus. I don’t know if I’m breaking any rules of the SFSS (Secret Food Service Society), but I’m going to expose some subtle secrets so that you’ll never look at a menu the same way again.  Consider it one of those NBC’s public service announcements …the more you know By Laura Cook Newman

Tiny houses: No mortgage, more freedom
Think of this as an obvious backlash to the banking, mortgage, and credit card industry. It’s also a backlash to glutinous consumption, poor job opportunities, and young people feeling betrayed by older generations. Living in a trailer house has a bad connotation. But living in an even smaller tiny home, that has many of the same features as a trailer house, is suddenly all the rage, chic and cool all tied up into one super cute little package. By Tom Frey

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For women starting their own businesses in Colorado, especially those entering non-conventional job sectors, get ready to bring the passion. Ample self-confidence and conviction in one’s business model are key assets needed to build a successful woman-owned business from the bottom up, say female entrepreneurs across the state. Hard work and chutzpah help, too. By Suzie Romig

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