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Breaking Bad's winning formula
Customers and prospects want to know that you understand their issue, tell them how you’re going to fix it and how much it costs.  If you take too long to get there, they get annoyed or feel like you are wasting their time.  If you just quickly give them what everyone else does, you risk being just another number, or worse, forgotten. So what’s the answer? By Julie Hansen
The rise of the super bull
What would a super-bull market look like further down the road? Most of these cycles run for 15 to 20 years. If we had even 10 years of below-average appreciation the market would be much higher. For example, starting at 15,000, growing for 10 years at 5 percent would ring in at 24,433. That’s low growth. Higher growth of only 7 percent would get the Dow to 29,507 by the end of 2023. By Ron Phillips
GenXYZ winner: Alexis Boian
"After college I moved to New York and worked there for five years. I was there on Sept. 11, 2001 and I watched the towers come down. I started the September 11 Quilt Project. The quilt is an American flag made of panels of cloth from around the world. The flag toured the country and got a lot of attention, and it gave me a strong understanding of how I can give back." By Lynn Bronikowski
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EMBA programs promote corporate advancement
Not many would argue that a candidate with an MBA has a leg up on the job hunt. A master of business administration graduate has honed skills in areas including finance, human resources, information technology and economics. Put an “E” in front of the MBA and that degree becomes increasingly distinctive. By Maria Martin
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Going global
Liesl Leary of SDL talks about why her company is a 2013 Top Company finalist. Read more about SDL.

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