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You already know there’s a good chance your target customers are keeping their mobile devices close by, ready at any moment to log online and peruse the web, download and click. So why not make sure your website a part of that internet traffic action? Small businesses need to accommodate to the growing use of mobile users on the web, so it’s important to understand the kind of experience your small business website provides mobile users and how you can ensure your business offers users a positive online experience. Check out these four compelling facts about online mobile traffic and what it means for small businesses. By Julia Kidwell

Much like planting a thousand new seeds into the ground, a significant percentage of fledgling new currencies will begin getting traction. With Bitcoin being the flag bearer for this emerging industry, it will bear the brunt of most of the attempts to control it. The same cryptography that makes crypto-currencies secure, is what makes it anonymous. Even though many think that “fiat” money, based on trust, has no inherent value, the same cryptography that makes every transaction safe gives it its inherent value. In a digital age where cash is the only remaining form of anonymous currency, and even cash is being heavily monitored, crypto-currencies have become a solution to “intrusive big government” issues. By Tom Frey

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There’s a trendy tech move happening in professional football these days: Shotgun formations and cornerback blitzes are sharing the field with cloud-based video and ultra-fast Ethernet connections. It’s a measure driven by a familiar football hunger: the need for speed. The vast consumer embrace of smartphones, the reliance on instant video for scouting, and the transformation of stadiums to high-tech entertainment theaters demands more bandwidth than old-school telecom systems could supply. By Stewart Schley

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